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From the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)

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Monday, 24 January 2005


·         Woman killed as US forces respond to soldier's shooting - TV
·         Iraqi PM Allawi urges Basra residents to vote
·         Twenty-seven voter registration centres opened in Kirkuk
·         Power outage in Iraq after sabotage
·         US forces in Iraq reportedly open "indiscriminate fire" after soldier's death
·         Violence against Iraqi media surges- Al-Zamman
·         Washing-Al-Sabah
·         Tomorrow, Iraqis Will Celebrate Democracy Day -Al-Sabah
·         Programme summary of Baghdad Al-Diyar TV 23 Jan 05
·         Programme summary of Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV news 23 Jan 05
·         Programme summary of Al-Iraqiyah TV news 23 Jan 05
·         Nigroponte Assures Kurds US Will Fulfil Its Promises
·         Chemical Ali to Be Tried in Halabja, Peaple Compensated
·         Iraqi Ministry Bans Kurdistan Journalists from Covering Elections
·         Kurdistan Signitures for Referendum Sumitted to UK Parliament
·         IECI To Open 27 Registration Centers for Kirkuki IDPs
·         US-Kurdish Relations Annoy Turcoman Front, Shiite Turcomans Vote for Shiite Coaition
·         Ansar-ul-Sunna Responsible for Governor Assassination Attempt
·         Iraqi Jews Can Vote for Iraq Elections

IRAQI NEWS, 23 Jan 05

Woman killed as US forces respond to soldier's shooting - TV

A US soldier was killed on 23 January when gunmen in car opened fire on a US army foot patrol in Al-Dubbat District in central Mosul, Al-Sharqiyah TV reported on 23 January. Eyewitnesses said that the US patrol responded by "opening intensive and indiscriminate fire", leading to the death of a woman, who was on the street, while the gunmen escaped. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 23 Jan 05)

Iraqi PM Allawi urges Basra residents to vote
Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV on 23 January carried a speech by Prime Minister Iyad Allawi in which stressed the importance of unity in Iraq. During the meeting with a delegation of Iraqi chieftains, intellectuals, and journalists in Basra, Allawi also called on the Basra residents to participate in the 30 January elections. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 23 Jan 05)

Twenty-seven voter registration centres opened in Kirkuk
Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV on 23 January reported that the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI) had opened 27 voter registration centres in Kirkuk governorate to register the voters who were forced to leave the city during the former regime's rule. The IECI reportedly called on the non-registered voters, who had left and then returned to city, to register their names in these centres before 25 January. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 23 Jan 05)
Power outage in Iraq after sabotage

Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV reported on 23 January that electric power lines had been sabotaged, which had led to power outages in the northern, central, and southern areas. An official at the Electricity Ministry was reported as saying that the acts of sabotage coincided with bad weather conditions that prevailed in Iraq on the third day of Id al-Adha holiday, and led to damaging electricity power generating plants. He added that the engineering and technical teams at the ministry started to fix the damage and it is hoped that these plants will be functioning in the next few hours. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 23 Jan 05)

US forces in Iraq reportedly open "indiscriminate fire" after soldier's death

A US soldier was killed today when gunmen, who were riding in car, opened fire on a US army foot patrol in Al-Dubbat [officers] District in central Mosul. Eyewitnesses said that the US patrol responded by opening intensive and indiscriminate fire, leading to the death of a woman, who was on the street, while the gunmen escaped. (Al-Sharqiyah, Baghdad, in Arabic 23 Jan 05)


Violence against Iraqi media surges- Al-Zamman

Al-Zaman website [daily, independent, Baghdad edition of London-based Al-Zaman] An Editorial By Asamaa al-Khalidi, Azzaman, 2005-01-17/: There has been a surge in violence targeting Iraqi journalists in the past few weeks, according to the head of Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, Shihab al-Tamimi.
Tamimi criticized international media for paying lip service to the fate of Iraqi reporters who go missing, are kidnapped, killed or abused.
When foreign reporters are involved in similar incidents, the case grabs international media attention, he said.
He said several Iraqi journalists and their families ``have been targets of kidnapping and assassination'' in the past few weeks.
Tamimi mentioned Imad Adulamir, a member of the syndicate's council who was kidnapped on January 11 and his fate was still unknown.
He said a military unit stormed the headquarters of al-Qarar newspaper and took away its editor Hassan Jumaa.
``The unit took Jumaa to an undisclosed location and still there is no word about his whereabouts,'' Tamimi said.
In December another journalist, Jamal Abdujabbar al-, was kidnapped in the southern city of Hilla.
``We still do not know which group is behind Samaraai's abduction,'' Tamimi said.
He said the body Salem Issa al-Harbi, a reporter for the Wifaq newspaper, mouthpiece of interim Prime Minister Ayad Alawi's group, was found close to Meidan in the heart of Baghdad.
Dhiya al-Hassan, the syndicate's secretary-general when former President Saddam Hussein was in power, had his two sons killed and his car stolen, according to Tamimi.
Hundreds of Iraqi journalists gathered last week at the syndicate's headquarters to protest the kidnapping and killing of colleagues.
``We take no sides in the current strife in the country and our only task is carry truth to Iraqi readers,'' Tamimi said.
``We expected freedom of expression and writing will be respected in the new Iraq. We thought there will be no room for arrests, killing and kidnapping and the storming of media centers by troops or police,'' said Tamimi


Al-Sabah Website, Baghdad, by the Iraqi Media Network, 24 Jan 05, Editorial, By Mohammed Abdul Jabbar al-Shaboot: So many washing will be hanged within the electoral battle which has begun heating with quick rates with the ongoing of the countdown, arriving to Jan 30, the scheduled date of election.
This is not a strange matter, in each democratic country, the electoral battle witnesses days similar to these Iraqis are witnessing now; the essence of the electoral competition is to convince electors with the high quality of each candidate product and the bad quality of the other competitor.
The matter then, not calling for sadness and sorrow... but the important question is connecting with details, including the way of running the competition battle.
Principally, competition has taken place among several political programs, each program represents competitors' goods, and one of them is undertaking to clarify the good merits of his program and the extent of achievements that he would be realized to the country and citizen, especially if program's concentration be on assumption of constitution and its cases, not for service promises present by competitors as happing here. While another competitor is undertaking the responsibility of pointing out the weakness points in his competitor's program in the same constitution cases which will be point of discussion and debate or may be point of disputes among members of the patriotic front.
We have to admit with a kind of sorrow, that we are not witnessing until now such kind of competition: i.e. the competition of political programs between each others, especially in what connecting with the introduced ideas or positions which these sides have been adopted. On the contrary, we have heard accusations close to be personal, may be they are correct or incorrect, the most important thing, that they have a personal feature, whereas "character" of the candidate has became connected with his past and acts, the personality of candidate has became the subject and the goods, neither the candidate's program, nor his constitution aspirations, of course we don't want to veil lights on the importance of each personal candidate but the fear is rising from considering personal side the general feature of the electoral battle as well as the informational competition.
The second side of the problem... is the informational argument which we are witnessing now among symbols gathering between each others by certain point which is they are all active members in the same political elite which has assumed the responsibility of ruling, power, management and authority since the collapsing of the former al-Ba'th regime. Those symbols, at least, most of them know each others personally and directly since long years, supposed that one of them has no new information towards the other.
May be this argument have a negative reaction by citizens and this may be effected the citizens' enthusiasm towards elections, thus we catch the eyes of competitors to attribute attention to this matter.

Tomorrow, Iraqis Will Celebrate Democracy Day -Al-Sabah

Al-Sabah Website, Baghdad, by the Iraqi Media Network, 24 Jan 05,An Editorial: Iraqis will celebrate tomorrow with the first day of Ed al-Adhah (Greater Bairam), far away from complication of the security scene which is witnessing remarkable improvement during the last period, preparing for democracy celebration which will be near, whereas millions of Iraqis will head on Jan 30 to select 275 candidates represent the National Assembly which will assume the responsibility of writing 1st permanent constitution in the country.
The Iraqi markets are witnessing great demand on shopping, as a preparedness to continue Ed joy, after the Iraqi government has decided to spend personals salaries before its scheduled, before 10 days. Notably personals standard of living is witnessing a great improvement, since the collapsing the former regime, whereas this segment had suffered from poverty and shortage along more than two decades, a matter that force some of personals to leave their jobs and heading to free works.



Programme summary of Baghdad Al-Diyar TV 23 Jan 05
·         A government source said on 22nd the water shortage in Baghdad throughout last week was caused by a sabotage act against a water processing plant north of the capital on 15 January ...
·         A number of citizens express resentment at the poor services during Id al-Adha holiday ...
·         The Iraqi interior minister announced new security measures to protect the election ...
·         A statement by the electoral commission says 27 voter registration centres were exceptionally opened in Kirkuk to allow the people who were forced to leave the city in the era of the former regime to sign up for the election ...
·         Basra University holds a seminar to explain to people about the elections ...
·         An American general says US and Iraqi forces are drawing up detailed tactics to protect polling centres from suicide attacks ...
·         Abd-al-Aziz al-Hakim, leader of the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq [SCIRI,] tells Reuters that the Shi'i majority in Iraq will not be dragged into a civil war ...
·         Hasan Jawad Al Talib, representative of Ibrahim al-Ja'fari, says it is not a secret that the Unified Iraqi Alliance slate enjoys the support of the Shi'i religious authority ...
·         The Italian government says it will keep more than 3,200 soldiers in Iraq despite the killing of the 20th Italian soldier in Iraq, on 22nd. The Italian opposition calls on the government to withdraw the Italian troops ...
·         The Chinese Embassy in Baghdad confirmed on 22nd that the eight Chinese hostages have been released ...
·         French media officials will meet on 24th to discuss ways to minimize the dangers facing journalists in Iraq ...
·         An American convoy comes under fire west of Al-Ramadi today ...
·         A Swedish spokesman denies claims by an armed group in Iraq that it killed a Swede in Bayji
Programme summary of Iraqi Al-Sharqiyah TV news 23 Jan 05
·         Allawi announces formation of first unit of Iraqi marines ...
·         Allawi on visit to Basra stresses importance of Iraqi unity, calls for people to participate in elections ...
·         Allawi inspects Al-Qasr port south of Iraq ...
·         Interview with Iyad Allawi ...
·         Fire breaks out in hospital under Italian control in Dhi Qar south of Iraq killing 14, injuring 75 Iraqis. Map of Iraq ...
·         Attacks on electricity pylons disrupt supply in northern, central and southern areas ...
·         Elections commission opens 27 emergency registration centres in Kirkuk for people who were displaced during Saddam's reign ...
·         Finance Ministry announces tax relief for government departments ...
·         US forces announce two soldiers jailed and dismissed for killing translator ...
·         Iraqi ports authority announces plans to build largest sea port south of Iraq
Programme summary of Al-Iraqiyah TV news 23 Jan 05
·         Interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi says polls to contribute to ending violence. Video report highlights interview for BBC World, he says Iraqis looking forward to democracy, renews commitment to fighting terrorism. (50 sec)
·         Candidates pursue election campaign. Video report highlights election rally, comments by head of Al-Rafidayn Democratic Coalition, Yassu Majid, saying party reflects constitutional recognition of Syriac-Assyrian-Chaldean people, polls to enshrine rights of this minority, to respect human rights of ethnic minorities, to reflect ethnic and sectarian composition of the country, candidate saying polls to reflect this composition, to have a strong impact, another participant saying polls to teach Iraqis rules of democracy. (
·         Report covers election forum and candidate saying Iraqi army to defend the country rather than launch aggression against other countries, candidate saying his election list reflects ethnic and political diversity. (1 min 15 sec)
·         Election forum held in Al-Najaf explains mechanisms of polls. Video report covers forum held by women group in Al-Najaf. (1 min)
·         Interim government takes new security measures in the run up to election. Video report shows new checkpoints being set up, regulations of entry of cars into Baghdad, security forces training. Comments by Minister of Interior Falah al-Naqib announcing curfew during polls, calls on Iraqis to abide by curfew hours. (2 min)
·         Iraqis renew call for political parties to explain to public their election platforms. Video report highlights comments by Iraqis saying candidates should explain their views, election banners not enough, another saying polls means democracy, freedom, growth, another stressing importance of fair election. (2 min)
·         Deadline for voter registration of overseas Iraqis extended - Independent Electoral Commission. Video report highlights statement by commission saying deadline to be extended until 25 of January, saying number of registered voters abroad increasing. (2 min 37 sec)
·         Mechanism of vote by Iraqis living in Syria discussed in Damascus. Video report covers comments by international representative in charge of Iraqi vote in Syria saying vote count to take place in Damascus, Iraqi official calling on Iraqis to register for vote, report praises efforts of Syrian government to facilitate registration. (2 min)
·         Iraqis living in Lebanon arrive in Damascus for vote registration. Video report shows Iraqis arriving, elderly woman hoping democratic government will be elected, man calling on all Iraqis to vote. (3 min 24 sec)
·         Studio interview with Muhammad Ali Muhsin, politician. He comments on local election to take place on 30 January, saying voters will cast ballot in national and local elections. 12.
·         Police department in Hit blown up by "terrorists"; US soldier killed in Mosul clashes, eight members of National Guard hurt in suicide car bomb in Hila. (49 sec)
·         Water supplies restored in Baghdad district of Kharkh. Video report (18 sec)
·         Iraqis living in Syria celebrate Id al-Adha. Video report highlights life of Iraqis living in Damascus, Iraqis saying they hope they could return home after establishment of democracy. (1 min 52 sec)
·         Iraqis celebrate Id al-Adha in the run up to polls. Video report shows Iraqis visiting holy sites in Al-Najaf. (1 min 35 sec)
·         Millions of Muslims perform last rituals of hajj as heavy rainfall causes unexpected jams in Mecca. Video report (2 min)
·         Palestinian groups deny cease-fire with Israel. Video report (1 min 55 sec)
·         Ukrainian president elect sworn in. Video report (1 min 43 sec)
·         Business bulletin. Finance minister calls on Tehran to reduce Baghdad debt. Iraq currency market report. Germany concerned over rising exchange rate of euro against US dollar. 24.
Updates from the Iraqi Kurdish Press, 23 Jan 05

Nigroponte Assures Kurds US Will Fulfil Its Promises
: Kurdistani Nwe PUK daily: During a visit to Talabani HQ in Qalachwalan, the US Ambassador to Baghdad John Nigroponte asserted that his government was committed to fullfil all the promises that he had made to the Kurds in his written message. Other US and PUK senior officials also attended the ``friendly'' meeting tat focused on the Iraqi status quo and the security measures for the forthcoming elections. Talabani told his guest that the Kurdish people were excited to the latest developments that restored the right of Kirkuki IDPs to cast their votes for Kirkuk provincial election.
Chemical Ali to Be Tried in Halabja, Peaple Compensated
: Kurdistani Nwe
PUK daily: The Iraqi Deputy PM Barham Salih visited Halabja town Saturday and met with families of vitims of the Iraqi government's chemical bombardment in 1988. Salih devulged that Saddam's cousin nicknamed Chemical Ali would be brought to Halabja in handcuffs soon to be tried at the same site of his crimes. He reminded the families of the victims that they had all the irght to demand compensations from the next Iraqi government and the western companies that manufactured the gasses used in Halabja. The Deputy PM urged Halabja people to actively participate in the forthcoming elections to gurantee, constitutionally, that the Kurds would not suffer from Iraqi governments anymore.
Iraqi Ministry Bans Kurdistan Journalists from Covering Elections
: Kurdistani Nwe PUK daily: The Head of Sulayamanya Office of the Independent Electoral Commissionin Iraq (IECI) complained that the Iraqi interior ministry has issued regulations that deprive Kurdistan journalists from covering the elections event. The Office Head further explained that according to instuctions he received from the IECI, all journalists should go to Baghdad physically and get theuir aredition papers there, but giventhe prevailing road insecurity, no Kurdistani journlaist will do so. Recalling that both Kurdistan Regionla Government (KRG) administrations were officially recongnized in Iraq, the IECI Sulaymanya Head said that he suggested to entitle the KRG interior ministries to issue necessary accreditation papers to Kurdistan journalists, but has not received any response to his suggestion yet.
Kurdistan Signitures for Referendum Sumitted to UK Parliament
: Kurdistani Nwe
PUK daily: A delegation of Kurdistan Referendum Movement (KRM) visited the UK Friday after earlier visits to the UN HQ in New York and the HQ of the UN High Commissioner for the Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva, where they submitted signutires of 1,75 million Kurds demanding the international comunicty to endore and sponsor conduction of a referendum for Kurdistan people to check of they wanted independence or remaining as part of Iraq. In UK, the KRM delegaion met with MP Rudy Vess and a number of Kurdish expatriates in England briefing the attendants on the KRM objectives and acomplishments so far. The delegation requested Vess to convey Kurdistan people's message to PM Blair and remind his government that Kurdistan people was a disctinct nations possing its ethnic, cultural and historiacal specifications that could not be subordinated to others forcibily and that the Kurdish people would not accept recurrence of their 83-year-long depression by others. The KRM also recalled that Britain devided Kurdistan and linked the southern part of it to the Iraqi state forcibily, therefore Britain was histyorically indebted to Kurdistan people and now is payback time as the UK can and must support and advocate for the Kurdish endeavors in light of the UN Charter and the principles of human rights and democracy.
IECI To Open 27 Registration Centers for Kirkuki IDPs
www.peyamner.com The IECI announced Saturday that it will open 27 registrations centers in Kirkuk to enable Kirkuki IDPs expeled by Sddam regime to register their names and later cast their votes in Kirkuk provincial election. The registration process lasts until 25 January. In related news, an Egyptian news agency reported that 120,000 Kirkiki Kurds have registered their names for participation in the elections aftre the latst deal between the Kurdish leadership and Iraqi government regarding Kirkuk bottleneck.
US-Kurdish Relations Annoy Turcoman Front, Shiite Turcomans Vote for Shiite Coaition
www.peyamner.com The Iraqi Turcoman Front, (ITFm led by Faruq Abdula) is upset for the US and the Iraqi governments' approval and written guarantees to the Kurds allowing participation of Kirkuki IDPs in the governorate's elections. The ITF expressed its dissatisfaction in may ways and its leader said tat the US has done so any favors to the Kurds since Saddam fall as if the two sides [US and Kurds] are mingled in one. Abdulla has suggested creation of an independent Turcoman terrotory and making Kirkuk its capital with a Turcoman president and a Kurdish deputy. In related news, the ITF is worried that Kirkuk Turcomans, most of them Shiites, may vote for the candidacy list of the Shiitte coalition, not for the ITF list.
Ansar-ul-Sunna Responsible for Governor Assassination Attempt
www.peyamner.com Ansar-ul-Sunna (AS) terrorist group announced its responsibility for the third attempt for assassinating the governor of Dahuk. No one was reported harmed in the incident that took place on 19 January when a raodside bomb was blown againt the convoy of the Governor, who was not wit them. In a statement published on a websute, the group vowed it will kill the Governor in the fourth attempt that would come sooner or later.
Iraqi Jews Can Vote for Iraq Elections
www.peyamner.com The International Organizatin for Immigration (IOM) which is entrustedto organize the out-of-county Iraqi elections in coordination wit the IECI announced all Israeli jews that were born in Iraq and posse documents tat proff their birthplaces have the full right to participate in the Iraqi elections like any other Iraqi expatriate anywhere in the world.

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