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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

28 December 2004 - Iraq Special Weapons News

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Current Operations

  • OIF/OEF Casualty Update 28 Dec 2004 [PDF]
  • DoD Identifies Army Casualty

  • Task Force Danger Soldiers detain four in raid near Ad Dwar MNF-I/MNC-I 28 Dec 2004 -- Task Force Danger Soldiers captured two individuals in a raid near As Sindiyah about 6:33 p.m., on December 27.
  • Task Force Danger Soldiers Detain Four after Attack in Ad Duluiyah MNF-I/MNC-I 28 Dec 2004 -- Task Force Danger Soldiers detained three individuals in a raid of three houses near Ad Duluiyah at about 6:50 p.m., Dec. 27.
  • Stability Attained; Black Jack Returns to Baghdad MNF-I/MNC-I 28 Dec 2004 -- The 2nd Brigade Combat Team (BCT), of the 1st Cavalry Division recently returned to their usual area of operations in Baghdad after assisting the 1st Marine Division in their efforts to restore peace and stability to former insurgent stronghold Fallujah and the surrounding townships.
  • Iraqi Security Forces, Multi-National Forces Perform Joint Operation MNF-I/MNC-I 28 Dec 2004 -- Soldiers from 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the Multinational Division Central - South, the 403 Iraqi National Guard Battalion and Iraqi Police in Al Kut conducted a joint operation, searching for illegal storages of weapons and ammunition, northeast of Badrah in the Wasit Province, on Dec. 27.
  • Deadly Attacks Reported On Iraqi Police Stations RFE/RL 28 Dec 2004 -- There are reports today of attacks on several police stations in the Iraqi cities of Baghdad, Tikrit, and Samarra resulting in the deaths of around 20 police officers.
  • Hotline Succeeding In Foiling Iraqi Insurgents AFPS 28 Dec 2004 -- Leads generated through a hotline to report insurgent activity in Iraq demonstrate that the Iraqi people want to bring an end to the violence against innocent civilians and critical infrastructure, a top officer in the Army's 1st Cavalry Division told reporters in Baghdad today.
  • Multi-National Forces, Iraqi Security Forces Attacked from Mosque MNF-I/MNC-I 28 Dec 2004 -- Multi-National Forces and Iraqi Security Forces conducting a joint patrol here on Dec. 28 were attacked with small arms fire by anti-Iraqi insurgents from a mosque. A Iraqi National Guard soldier was wounded in the attack.
  • Iraqi Children Lead 1st Infantry Division Soldiers to Cache MNF-I/MNC-I 28 Dec 2004 -- Two Iraqi children led 1st Infantry Division Soldiers from Task Force Trailblazer to a weapons cache near Bayji on December 28 at about 9:15 a.m.
  • Iraqi citizen Reports cache to 1st Infantry Division Soldiers MNF-I/MNC-I 28 Dec 2004 -- An Iraqi citizen reported a weapons cache to 1st Infantry Division Soldiers near Ad Duluiyah at about 6:00 p.m. on Dec 28.
  • Five VBIED's Detained in Babil Province MNF-I/MNC-I 28 Dec 2004 -- In the afternoon of Dec 28, five VBIED's (vehicle-borne improvised explosive device) were detained by Iraqi Police (IP) and Polish soldiers from 1st Battle Group of Multi-national Division Central-South (MND CS) from Camp Charlie.
  • US Forces Discover Car Bomb Near Hospital MNF-I/MNC-I 28 Dec 2004 -- Marines of the 1st Marine Division of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force conducted a controlled detonation of a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device at approximately 9 a.m. on Dec. 28 near the Ramadi Hospital in downtown Ramadi.
  • Marine Expeditionary Unit Pressures Insurgents MNF-I/MNC-I 28 Dec 2004 -- Elements of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit continue to apply pressure on the insurgency in western Iraq and Al Anbar Province. The MEU shows no sign of slowing the pace in advance of the upcoming elections in January 2005.
  • 3/5 Marines help Fallujans return home USMC News 28 Dec 2004 -- The Marines of 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, began facilitating the reoccupation Fallujah Dec. 23 after the order was issued from the Interim Iraqi Government, allowing the residents to return.
  • NCIS has distinct mission in Iraq's Al Anbar province USMC News 28 Dec 2004 -- Marines and Sailors deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom have a guardian angel: the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.


  • US/SYRIA/IRAQ VOA 28 Dec 2004 -- The Bush administration is sending Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage to Turkey, Jordan and Syria later this week on a mission partly aimed at helping improve prospects for next month's Iraqi elections. The United States accuses Syria of harboring officials of the former Saddam Hussein regime.
  • Multifaceted Approach Key to Success in Iraq, General Says AFPS 28 Dec 2004 -- Success in Iraq involves far more than combat operations and warfighting, the 1st Cavalry Division's assistant commander for support told reporters in Baghdad today.
  • Iraqis Deserve Opportunity To Elect Their Leaders, Powell Says Washington File 28 Dec 2004 -- The Iraqi people want to choose the future leaders of their country and deserve to have that opportunity, according to Secretary of State Colin Powell.

US Policy

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Reconstruction Issues

  • Resettlement Update for Fallujah MNF-I/MNC-I 28 Dec 2004 -- The Bazar and Sook Districts of the city were opened to returning residents by the interim Iraqi government on Dec. 26 and Dec. 28 respectively.
  • Iraq: Withdrawal Of Major Sunni Party Complicates Prospects For Elections RFE/RL 28 Dec 2004 -- Prospects for Sunni participation in Iraq's 30 January elections are being clouded by the withdrawal of the largest mainstream Sunni political party from the race. The Iraqi Islamic Party says it is dropping out of the election due to concerns that security is inadequate for such a poll and in protest at the government's refusal to consider requests to postpone the vote.

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