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From the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI)

Tuesday, 31 August 2004

The following is a selection of headlines and quotes taken from Iraqi press published on Sunday 30 August 2004:


(Al-Diyar Satellite Channel In Arabic, Baghdad, , 30 Aug 04) Iraq TV reports documents stolen from oil ministry: Iraqi Al-Diyar TV on 30 August reported sources at the Iraqi Oil Ministry saying that compact and floppy discs and documents containing information relating to most of the ministry departments had been stolen from the ministry. The station said unidentified people entered the ministry using identity cards and official documents, which were later discovered to be forged. The station said the ministry had not ruled out the possibility that the crime might have been committed by "individuals who are specialized in such activities or by experts working for foreign intelligence agencies". It quoted the same sources adding that acts of sabotage on pipelines had also been carried out in a professional manner.


Al-Zaman [daily, independent, Baghdad edition of London-based Al-Zaman]: Calm returns to Al-Sadr City after day of violent clashes; Al-Mahdi Army elements: No orders to lay down arms received; Fighting to go on Allawi: Any armed presence outside state authority prohibited Political, religious authorities call for establishing national unity on anniversary of SCIRI leader assassination Five members of one family wounded in hand grenade explosion in Al-Kut; US forces kill gunmen in Mosul clashes Diyala border police foil operation to smuggle military equipment into Iran Ten new terminals in Basra ports; Grand Iraq port design completed [Interim national council member] Muhammad Bahr al-Ulum: I admit failure to find peaceful solution to standoff US military base in Kirkuk attacked Planning minister: Contacts with Syria, Lebanon, Jordan continue to retrieve Iraqi assets Germany, Netherlands approve Iraqi diplomats' accreditation.

Al-Adalah [Baghdad, twice-weekly newspaper in Arabic published by the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)]: Al-Sistani calls on government to compensate those affected by Al-Najaf fighting Allawi confirms investigation under way over bodies found in Al-Sadr religious court SCIRI leader presses for participation of all Iraqi sections in coming elections In response to Al-Sistani's call, Interior Ministry orders investigation into Al-Kufah crime Al-Najaf governor: Holy shrine to be opened in ten days PM: Iraqi government will never stand like spectator Supreme body to supervise rulings against politicians Powell praises Iraqi government for solving Al-Najaf crisis Iraqi National Congress Party to sue Interior Ministry UN: 300 contaminated sites in Iraq Some 14,000 Kurdish families return home to Kirkuk Environment Ministry to take part in regional workshop New electricity transformers, pylons installed in Baghdad Central Bank licenses three foreign banks.
Baghdad [Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic published by the Iraqi National Accord Movement]: Allawi: Operations carried out in various parts of Iraq defy religious authority, government's view; We will confront them forcefully At meeting with PM, Samarra tribal leaders declare support for government, submit their demands; Allawi forms committee for their implementation Imam Ali Shrine to be reopened within ten days Large demonstration held against foreign intervention Armed confrontations in Baghdad; Explosions in Mosul Memorial on anniversary of martyrdom of [SCIRI leader] Muhammad Baqir al-Hakim France on alert to secure release of hostages EU foreign ministers in Baghdad next week Thirty-nine journalists killed in Iraq; Arab media ignore execution of Italian reporter Six killed, seven wounded in Ba'qubah US funding for Al-Sadr City water project Medical care secured for 500,000 handicapped in Iraq Central Bank exempted from taxes, duties Two car bombs explode in military camp in Mosul Urgent medical aid delivered to Al-Najaf Police station attacked in Baghdad Ammunition depots uncovered in Basra Four Katyusha rockets defused Two multinational forces vehicles destroyed in Mosul.
Al-Bayan [Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic published by the Islamic Al-Da'wah Party]:
Negotiations to end clashes, start reconstruction in Al-Sadr City, Al-Fallujah Prime minister: Weapons handover is basic demand; Government not to back down Sixty-two Iraqis killed in 24 hours International committee formed to review oil contracts signed under former regime Man arrested on charge of bombing oil pipeline in Al-Amarah Transport Ministry calls on Kuwaiti Airlines to drop former lawsuits French street shocked by journalists' kidnap Iranian president: We do not want to transfer our differences with Washington to Iraq Fifteen billion dollars to develop Iraqi oil sector Preparations under way for population census Iraq to participate in international fairs Transport Ministry ready to establish dual railway line.
Al-Bayyinah [Baghdad, weekly newspaper in Arabic published by the Hezbollah Movement in Iraq]: Hezbollah secretary-general calls on national, religious movements, parties for emergency meeting to confront childish violations Sayyid Al-Sistani demands from government immediate release of Hezbollah mujahidin Major crime unit saves Iraq from "nuclear disaster" after discovering "WMDs" in [raid on] Hezbollah headquarters; Government demand for release of Hezbollah detainees rejected by crime unit; SCIRI leader phones Al-Yawir Attack on Al-Fallujah, Samarra imminent; Influx of Arab fighters into Iraq recedes Massacre perpetrated in Al-Sadr City by Americans, [former oil minister] Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum warns of conspiracy against Iraq After marginalising Al-Chalabi, [Muwaffaq] al-Rubay'i: Shooting star or political scapegoat Al-Sistani's representative in Kuwait calls for release of Hezbollah members, prosecuting kidnappers Iranian hashish invades Iraqi cities.
Al-Dustur [Baghdad, daily independent newspaper in Arabic]: Hoshyar Zebari: We should be wary of challenges; World's help is needed Clashes in Baghdad; Five police officers killed in Ba'qubah Senior EU official: Resolution 1546 created favourable climate for EU contribution Negotiations to end clashes in Al-Sadr City; Government stresses determination to counter attacks Planning minister: Foreign labour not sought; Iraqis to have priority on jobs Ankara confirms killing of Turkish hostage in Iraq Demonstration in Baghdad to end fighting in Iraqi cities Oil burns, gas leaked from Al-Rumaylah oilfield in southern Iraq PM: We want fraternal relations with Iran Multinational forces arrest three suspected terrorists in Iraq Local council head assassinated in Baghdad Health minister chairs drug control committee Tripartite cooperation agreed between Iraq, Egypt, Japan Health Ministry sends doctors, engineers to Germany Hundreds of Iraqi, foreign companies to take part in first international fair in Baghdad.
Al-Mada [Baghdad, daily, independent newspaper published by Al-Mada Media, Culture and Arts Corporation]: Barham Salih prepares for Allawi's visit; Infiltration, terrorism issues to be put to Iranian government Investigations begin over religious court's bodies in Al-Najaf; Al-Mahdi Army coffins flow into south Sabotage attack on Basra oil pipeline aborted; Man apprehended for bombing oil pipeline in Al-Amarah Top-level delegation in Baghdad to discuss EU support for Iraq One killed, seven wounded in separate incidents Muslim scholars association calls for release of French journalists Hospital set up in Abu-Ghurayb prison Iraq, Syria, discuss energy, electricity cooperation Two earthquakes hit Al-Rifa'i district in Al-Nasiriyah.
Al-Manar al-Yawm [Baghdad, daily independent newspaper in Arabic]: Suspicious characters murder 251 scientists; force thousands to flee Iraq In TV programme, prime minister: I don't understand what Al-Mahdi Army wants Washington casts doubt over Al-Chalabi's link to Al-Sistani's surprise return to Al-Najaf Kidnapped Nepalese warns workers against travel to Iraq Two civilians killed, 35 injured in northern Iraq Iraqi police continue investigation into issue of bodies found in Muqtada al-Sadr's religious court Violence raises food prices in Iraq France mobilizes to secure release of journalists in Iraq Former BBC director criticizes Blair's policy in Iraq.
Al-Mu'tamar [Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic published by the Iraqi National Congress]: Negotiations between government, Al-Sadr's representatives to stop war in Al-Sadr City Al-Sistani urged to apply Al-Najaf deal to all Iraq cities Oil pipeline hit by explosion in Al-Rumaylah oil field Government asked to pay compensation to families for damage caused by battles Some 251 scientists murdered in Iraq, thousands flee abroad Deputy PM in Tehran to prepare for Allawi's visit Plan to protect Basra international airport UN, India agree to help Iraq, Afghanistan with elections.
Al-Nahdah [Baghdad, daily political newspaper]: Violent clashes flare up between US forces, gunmen in Baghdad, Mosul; Reports of negotiations to halt fighting in Al-Thawrah in Al-Sadr City Allawi: Government to deal firmly Al-Mahdi Army operations; Investigation ordered into religious court's bodies Man accused of blowing up oil pipeline in Al-Amarah arrested Zebari: No date fixed for meeting with neighbouring countries Iraqi-Iranian talks to tackle all common issues Six police academy cadets wounded in rocket attack Irrigation Ministry staff to receive training in USA Kuwaiti buys [former parliament speaker] Sa'dun Hammadi's passport on black market.
Al-Sharq al-Awsat [Baghdad edition of London-based daily Al-Sharq al-Awsat, Saudi-owned]: Iraqi government, US forces negotiate with Al-Sadr office in Baghdad; Truce declared in Al-Sadr City until this morning; Fierce clashes flare up in Mosul; US planes raid Al-Fallujah French government hold crisis meeting to discuss issue of kidnapped journalists Son of Al-Qa'idah leader's guide: Saddam welcomed Afghan Arabs before invasion; Reports say guide is leading foreign fighters infiltrating into Iraq Sabotage acts hit Al-Rumaylah oilfield Dutch foreign minister: EU committed to Iraq aid University professors' league head: 1,250 scientists, professors left Iraq for lack of security Fundamentalist militias expand activities in Al-Ramadi, Al-Fallujah US soldier: CIA encouraged Abu-Ghurayb prisoner torture Rebuilding Al-Najaf tops of government priorities.
Al-Shira [Baghdad, twice-weekly independent newspaper in Arabic (published on Monday/Thursday)]: Renewed clashes in Al-Sadr City dash government hopes Government completes plans to attack Al-Fallujah, Samarra, Ba'qubah; Military source: Salafi groups not complying with peace efforts Al-Sistani's representative denies issuing fatwa banning fight against occupation forces Mosul governorate demands carrying out executions in public squares Government allocates 200m dollars for Al-Sadr City reconstruction Fires flare up again in southern oil pipelines US general: Unemployment behind violence in Iraq Displaced families return to their homes in Al-Najaf Water Resources Ministry to build dams in western desert Muwaffaq al-Rubay'i: These are reasons for failure of my mission to solve Al-Najaf crisis; Still in my post and no change in my powers.

(SCIRI's Voice of the Mujahidin in Arabic,Iran. 30 Aug 04 ) : A round of talks between the Iraqi government and the representatives of Al-Sadr's office has failed to contain clashes in the Al-Sadr City; as a result, the talks have been suspended for 24 hours ... Turkish sources say an armed group in Iraq frees two Turkish engineers ... US military source says gunmen attacked two US military convoys in northern Iraq yesterday ... Dutch foreign minister arrives in Baghdad for talks on European support for Iraq ... Lebanese Hezbollah's deputy chief accuses the US "occupation" of creating problems in Iraq and trying to dominate the region ... The son of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood group in Palestine says "resistance" operations against US "occupation" in Iraq will go on ... The Iraqi deputy prime minister holds talks with Iranian officials in Tehran ... The French authorities step up their efforts to get two French hostages in Iraq released ... Arab intellectuals, representatives of Islamic bodies, and human rights officials stage a demonstration in Paris in solidarity with the two abducted French journalists ... In a statement to a German magazine, a US soldier regrets abusing Iraqi prisoners and says the US military intelligence encouraged the violations ... Reports on the presence of light oil in western Iraq, the blasting of an oil pipeline in southern Iraq yesterday, oil exports from southern Iraq, Syrian-Iraqi-Egyptian cooperation in the water domain, contacts to promote investment in Iraq, technical training courses in Iraq, and losses resulting from car imports.


(Dar al-Salam radio, Iraqi Islamic Party-affiliated ,30 Aug 04) -: The Iraqi Islamic Party and the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq appeal for the release of the two French journalists taken hostage in Iraq ... The French foreign minister arrives in Cairo for talks on the abducted two French journalists in Iraq ... An armed Iraqi group frees two Turkish hostages; one of the hostages says the abductors treated them well ... The Al-Sadr office in the Iraqi city of Al-Najaf handed the keys to Imam Ali's holy shrine to Ali al-Sistani's office today; British forces and Al-Sadr office in the city of Basra hold negotiations to end tension; Al-Sadr's office in Al-Sadr City holds talks with US forces to end clashes ... George Bush defends launching war against Iraq, ahead of the opening of the Republican Party's convention in New York; large numbers of people demonstrate in New York to protest Bush's policies.
(Al-Diyar Satellite Channel In Arabic, Baghdad, , 30 Aug 04) : Iraqi president met with Iraqi prime minister, foreign minister and a Netherlands official yesterday ... Al-Kufah Mosque's keys are handed over to Al-Sistani's office today ... Head of the Iranian National Security Council receives Iraqi Deputy Premier Barham Salih in Tehran ... United Nations expressed support for Iraqi Government's call to hold economic conference ... Iraqi industry minister calls for reformation of Iraqi army ... Iraqi Higher Education Minister calls on world states to write-off Iraq's debts when he met with UNESCO official in Baghdad ... France says it will not abrogate hijab law despite threats to French journalists in Iraq; French foreign minister calls on kidnappers to release the two French journalists ... Al-Diyar has learned the census committee will meet at the Planning Ministry today to review latest measures regarding census ... Video report on interviews with head of the education department in Al-Rasafah, other education departments' officials, during which they discuss educational problems in Iraq ... Iraq reduces oil exports following attacks on pipelines ... The Interior Ministry decides to punish 35 officers at the Passport Department on corruption charges ... The head of the Civil Defence Department says new employees to be appointed as firemen ... The Outstanding Youth Society meets, discusses civil society issues ... Assyrian cultural conference in Baghdad.

 (Al-Iraqiah Satellite Channel, Baghdad, in Arabic, 30 Aug 04) - : Shi'i Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr quoted as calling on supporters to stop fighting all over Iraq; Prime Minister Iyad Allawi to meet tribal chiefs to end standoff in Al-Sadr City ... Government sets conditions for end of crisis in Al-Sadr City; video report covers terms of peace deal, including disarming militiamen, calm in Najaf ... Allawi office denies report over resignation of National Security Advisor Muwaffaq al-Rubay'i ... Allawi announces plan to improve health service; video report covers Baghdad conference on health situation in Iraq ... Studio interview with Minister of Health Ala al-Din Alwan; says Najaf has suffered neglect as any other provinces over the last years but the situation there has got worse with the outbreak of fighting ... Cleaning campaign in Najaf ... National Guard and police clear Najaf of unexploded shells and remains of weapons ... Iraqis mark anniversary of Imam Ali in Karbala ... French foreign minister calls from Cairo for release of two French taken hostages in Iraq; video report covers his Middle East tour to get hostages freed, visit to Cairo, Arab League chief calling for their release ... Report on child labour in Iraq ... Iraq charity offers orphans computer training ... International Committee of the Red Cross marks day of people missing in armed conflicts ... Oil official predicts lower than normal oil exports from south Iraq; report on rising Iraqi demand on ice cubes due to recurrent power shortages. International market reports.

Editorials &Comments

Al-Zaman [daily, independent, Baghdad edition of London-based Al-Zaman]: -The lesson from Najaf, an editorial by Majed Samarrai. The latest fighting in the southern city of Najaf is a good lesson for the interim authorities that have come to rule the country since the fall of Saddam Hussein. If anything, the fighting and the agreement to halt it show that these authorities are out of touch with the reality of the situation in the country. The now-defunct Governing Council dismally failed to solve the plight of Falluja. The Falluja crisis, which goes on until today, is a reminder of how ineffective the council had been.
And the ferocious fighting in Najaf has illustrated that the parties sharing power in the current interim government are incapable of solving any crisis.
We have seen how the so-called religious parties in the government stayed away as if the matter was not of their concern. The other political factions only paid lip service to efforts to end the fighting, despite the massive destruction it has caused to the holiest city in Iraq.
Instead of working hard to put an end to the suffering of innocent Iraqis, who bear the brunt of violence and lawlessness, these parties have been preoccupied with power-sharing schemes. It seems the factions in the current interim government pay little heed to the shedding of Iraqis' blood.
If blood no longer flows in Najaf, it is still being spilled in the Sadr City in Baghdad, in Falluja and many other areas.
As the government talks tough and continues to flex its military muscle, we expect the fighting to drag on despite the silence of guns in Najaf. When the situation gets out of control, as it did in Najaf, the factions in the government stay aloof. And the government of the embattled interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi is left alone in the field

Al-Adalah [Baghdad, twice-weekly newspaper in Arabic published by the Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI)]: [From editorial] "In Iraq today, we want to establish a new state, a state of democracy that believes in the freedom of opinion and expression. However, we do not want a democratic state as much as we want a state concerned with the poor, a state that pays attention to this category that makes up more than eighty per cent of the population. Among those poor are the junior civil servants on whom the modern state will be built All our problems need someone to listen, open minds, true intentions, high aspirations and relentless efforts. But do we have these qualities?"
Al-Bayan [Baghdad, daily newspaper in Arabic published by the Islamic Al-Da'wah Party]: [From editorial] "The crisis has been solved in Al-Najaf, while an Iraq-wide solution is yet to be found... This major step should be backed up by further steps to make sure that the disaster will not be repeated The crisis was a bitter and very painful experience. However, the pain can be relieved and the wounds healed, should we turn the experience into a lesson from which to learn and never to forget".
Al-Bayyinah [Baghdad, weekly newspaper in Arabic published by the Hezbollah Movement in Iraq]: [From editorial] "We fear no one since we have the religious authority of Sayyid Al-Sistani who knows how to guide the masses far from any sectarianism or glossy slogans... Sometimes, silence is much stronger than words that frighten no aggressor Let every one know that this 80-year-old man is the head of wisdom and the hero of the silent majority. Beware of his patience, and do not be fooled into joining calls for war... Beware of his firmness, because one word he utters can burn all the tyrants inside and outside [Iraq]. He is not a party leader, nor an authority appointed by a government He is God's voice on earth that will overturn the equations of Iraq's enemies and bring back to the silent majority their rights without firing a single bullet. Because any such bullet may hit an Iraqi stone as he believes all that is in Iraq belongs to the people, not to the tyrants or occupiers".

Updates from Iraqi Kurdish Press
(From UNAMI - North)

30 August 2004

Khabat daily newspaper, Erbil 30 August 2004

KDP Politburo Executive Fahdil Mirani and other senior officials, including Brazani's representative in Kirkuk, received yesterday a delegation of Arab tribes from Ryadh district (south west Kirkuk). They discussed the situation in Iraq, Kurdistan and Kirkuk.
The Minster of Industry and Energy at Erbil administration of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and his senior aids inspected Monday Harir cunning Factor that the ministry established under the SCR986 program. The yearly production capacity of the factory is 1,800 tons of tomato paste, 3,600 tons of grapes juice. More than 1,000 farmers in the area are selling their products to the factory that has 200 employees from the area.
The Iraqi federal police known as Iraqi National Guard launched a series of raids in cooperation with the Multi-National Forces (MNF) in various parts of Mosul governorate. The hunts resulted in the capture of 11 persons suspected of sabotage and terrorism.
A Colonel from the coalition forces (CF) distributed yesterday a number of uniforms, helmets and other protecting tools to Erbil policemen in a ceremony attended by Erbil Police commander. The CF officer said they will open a number of centers for the security forces and supply Kurdistan police with more quantities of protection tools, as well as motorcycles in a near future.
In cooperation with PAO international NGO and with direct support of SCF-UK, KRG Education Ministry will open 6 literacy centers in the liberated areas of Makhmour, Dibis and Dibaga for the coming academic year. In a meeting wit the Minster yesterday, the NGO also proposed giving lectures on civic education and law respect to 62 secondary schools over a 3-month period and the KRG official expressed his full support.
The Iraqi Foreign Ministry and his Dutch counterpart, whose country heads the current EU session, shed lights on many issues of common concern in a joint press conference in Baghdad. The visitor advised that the 25 EU member states unanimously agreed to donate $371 million for Iraq construction.
In cooperation with CPA, the Water Department in Erbil drilled 19 artesian wells in 19 villages and established distribution network through common taps, in addition to installation of pumps and power generators benefiting 3,500 villagers. The project cost exceeded $460,000. The department is planning to drill another 56 wells in 56 villages with KRG-provided funds totaling ID 1.5 billion.
Two US army convoys were attacked by a number of gunmen in Tallafar west of Mosul yesterday morning. The US army said it killed two of the terrorist raiders while an Iraqi medical source reported the injury of 34 civilians, 24 of them were either women or children.

Kurdistani Nwe daily newspaper, Sulaymanya 29 August 2004

Speaking to a large audience of professors and legal experts from Baghdad, Basra, Nahrain and Sulaymanya universities, the PUK Leader Jalal Talabani said in his Qalachwalan HQ that everyone in Kurdistan was enjoying media, syndication, and political freedom in addition to the enormous reconstruction momentum. He also said many of women's rights were legally recognized in Kurdistan and many women were holding key legal and administrative positions in the government. Talabani also briefed them on Kurdistan status quo and whished visits like that reoccur to further enhance fraternity amongst Iraq ethnicities.
In an interview with the [PUK-funded] Kirkuk TV channel, Deputy Governor of Kirkuk Ismael Al-Hadeedy said no one was against the return of IDPs to their places of origin in the city. The official, who also heads a recently established committee to deal with the IDPs issue, said they were awaiting entitlement to distribute residential plots of land to IDPs. The Committee must provide the returning IDPs with water and power supply before the commence of winter season, said Hadeedy. He also reiterated the necessity of construction of residential compounds for the families of Anfal victims. also need support and. On Article 58 of the Transitional Adminstrative Law (TAL), which stipulates the normalization of the situations in Kirkuk and other places, the Deputy Governor confirmed that all concerned parties were for the return of IDPs and the police had formed special units in cooperation with the Multi-National Forces to protect them.
The Acting Prime Minster of KRG Sulaymanya administration Omer Fattah received Saturday the Iraqi Minster of Water Resources Latif Rasheed. They discussed to establish an institute in Dokan for water studies, as well as planting trees around the two dams of Dokan and Darbandikhan. The host proposed reshuffling the irrigation channels the constructing small dams in various places of Kurdistan to further boost the agriculture sector. Rasheed said his Baghdad ministry had already planned such activities and invited KRG to submit its proposals for implementation.


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