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News Transcript

Presenter: Lakhdar Brahimi; Iraqi President Ghazi Al-Yawar; and Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Alawi
Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Statements by United Nations Envoy

            MR. BRAHIMI:  It is my honor and my pleasure to stand alongside Their Excellencies Sheik Ghazi al-Yawar, the new president of Iraq, and Dr. Ayad Alawi, the new prime minister.  Allow me first of all to express to both of them and, through them, to their colleagues in the new government my sincere congratulations and best wishes for the success of their mission.


            I think that the people of Iraq will be praying all over the country for the success of their mission, which aims at starting the rebuilding of the new Iraq.


            During the last few days, I have had detailed discussions with President Ghazi al-Yawar and with Dr. Alawi concerning the formation of the government, and I submitted to Dr. Alawi suggestions and recommendations we arrived at as a result of the consultations we held during three visits to Iraq.  And these discussions, as you know, took   place with the Governing Council, the CPA and large segments of the Iraqi people.


            And now His Excellency President Ghazi al-Yawar will say a few words, and he would be followed by His Excellency Dr. Ayad Alawi, who will present to you his cabinet.


            Thank you very much.


            PRESIDENT AL-YAWAR:  Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.  It's my pleasure to stand here in front of you to express, on behalf of all Iraqis, our deepest gratitude to the United Nations, represented by U.N. general-secretary, His Excellency Mr. Kofi Annan, and our friend His Excellency Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi, for the great human efforts exerted for assisting Iraqis to step forward toward full sovereignty through the formation of the Iraqi interim government, which -- Mr. Brahimi spent a great effort, with a lot of bravery and distinguished wisdom.  We, the Iraqis, also look forward for being granted full sovereignty, through a Security Council resolution, to enable us to rebuild a free, independent, democratic and federal unified homeland.


            Thank you very much.


            PRIME MIN. ALAWI:  Good afternoon, ladies and gentleman.  I'm going to lay out my vision and my government goals later today in the official ceremony.


            But now, clearly, I would like to express my deepest thanks to the United Nations and the secretary-general and to his distinguished envoy, brother Lakhdar Brahimi, for his vital role in supporting the political process in Iraq and for his unique contribution made to Iraq in these difficult times that Iraq is passing through.


            After 35 years of ruthless tyrannical regime, and after the liberation of Iraq by the coalition forces under the leadership of the United States, we are starting now our march towards sovereignty and democracy in establishing the interim government in Iraq during this critical junction in history of this nation.


            It is with acknowledgment and deepest appreciation we thank the United Nations and especially the efforts done by Mr. Brahimi and his capabilities and unique experience in bringing about a positive result in Iraq.


            I would read you now the members and the ministers in my cabinet. Later on we will have CVs distributed to you.


            The deputy prime minister for security affairs is Mr. Barham Saleh.  Minister of Agriculture is Dr. Sawsan al-Sharifi.  Minister of Communication is Dr. Mohammed al-Hakim.  Minister of Construction and Housing Dr. Umar Farouk Salim al-Damluji.  Minister of Culture Mr. Mufid al-Jazairi.  Minister of Defense Mr. Hazem al-Shalan. Minister of Education Dr. Sami al-Mudahffar.  Minister of Electricity Dr. Ayham al-Samarra'i.  Minister of Environment Dr. Mushkat Mumin. Minister of Placement and Immigration, Ms. Pascal Ishu Wardah.  Minister of Finance Dr. Adil Abd-al-Mahdi.  Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Hoshyar Zebari.  Minister of Health Dr. Ala-al-Din-Al-Awan.  Minister of Higher Education Dr. Tahir al-Bakka.  Minister of Human Rights Dr. Bakhtiyar Amin.  Minister of Industry and Minerals Dr. Hakim al- Hasni.  Minister of Interior Mr. Falah al-Naqib.  Minister of Water Resources Dr. Abd-al-Latif Rashid.  Minister of Justice Dr. Malik Duhan al- Hasan.  Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Ms. Layla Abd-al-Latif. Minister of Oil Mr. Thamir al-Ghadbhan.  Minister of Planning Dr. Mahdi al-Hafiz.  Minister of Public Works Dr. Nisrin Barwari. Minister of Science and Technology Mr. Rashad Umar Mindan.  Minister of Trade Mr. Mohammed al-Juburi.  Minister of Transportation Mr. Luay Hatim Sultan al-Urs.  Minister of Youth and Sport Ali Faiq Al-Ghadban. Minister of State for Provinces Judge Waeil Abd-al-Latif.  Minister of State for Women Ms. Nirmin Uthman.  Minister of State Dr. Qassim Dawud..  Minister of State Dr. Mahmoud Othman.  Minister of State Dr. -- Mr. Adnan al-Janabi.


            It is also important to acknowledge -- unfortunately, they are not with us -- that the council, with the help of the United Nations, have chosen two vice presidents.  One of them is Mr. Ibrahim Jaafari al-Eshaiker, and the second gentleman is Dr. Rowsch Shaways.


            Thank you.


            MR. BRAHIMI:  I don't think we'll be taking questions at this stage.  I think we will be -- I will be holding a press conference at a later stage today or tomorrow.  Terribly sorry, but this is what our orders are.  Thank you very much.



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