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Belgium calls for EU diplomatic role in Iraq

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Brussels, April 10, IRNA -- In the face of deafening EU silence, 
Belgian Foreign Minister Louis Michel has urged the EU not to sit idly
and watch as the situation gets from bad to worse in Iraq. 
"I am not pleading for an European military presence in Iraq. But 
on the diplomatic front, I think Europe has much to offer with regard 
to certain sensitive countries in the region," Michel told Belgian 
daily Le Soir Saturday. 
"On the real diplomtic front, the Union cannot rest on the 
balcony," said Michel who is planning to travel to Baghdad in May. 
He said the question of war and anti-war which divided EU 
countries is now over. "The question is maintaining the course of 
Michel said the EU foreign ministers should urgently hold 
discussions on the situation in Iraq. 

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