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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

German tv airs video clips of US troops gunning down injured Iraqis

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Berlin, Feb 27, IRNA -- German public television aired Thursday 
evening video footages of US troops shooting apparently unarmed and 
injured Iraqis. 
The first video clip, dating back to December 1, 2003, shows a US 
Apache attack helicopter flying over northern Baghdad when the 
helicopter crew monitors a group of Iraqis who are apparently 
abandoning something -which US soldiers believed to be a weapon- and 
running for cover. 
The helicopter crew instruct soldiers on the ground to "kill it" 
and kill all three Iraqi men, among them one wounded person already 
lying on the ground. 
A second incident, recorded by a CNN crew in April 2003, US 
troops are seen shooting unarmed and seriously wounded Iraqi during a 
search of an industrial area. 
Immediately after the savage killing, one American soldier 
describes the situation as "awesome" and says he "wants to do it all 
over again". 
According to military and legal experts interviewed by the 
producers of the German documentary, both incidents show that US 
troops broke international law by gunning down unarmed people. 
An international law professor, Stefan Oeter, confirmed that the 
shooting of a wounded person is a war crime. 
The documentary quoted veteran US General Robert G. Gard as 
aying that both events were "inexcusable murders". 
The Pentagon has refused to comment on the German investigation. 

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