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Schroeder, Chirac, Blair to discuss possible NATO role in Iraq

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Berlin, Feb 17, IRNA -- The upcoming Franco-German-British summit, 
scheduled to take place Wednesday in Berlin, is to discuss a possible 
role of NATO in war-stricken Iraq as well as the Middle East crisis 
and the latest situation in Afghanistan. 
"Most certainly the topic of Iraq will come up in the joint talks 
of Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, French President Jacques Chirac and 
British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The question about if, when and how
NATO`s role should be in Iraq," high-ranking German government circles
told IRNA Monday evening. 
The Iraq war caused a deep rift in European Union unity as Germany
and France steadfastly resisted the American invasion of Iraq, while 
Britain, Spain, Italy and the newest EU member Poland backed the US 
military intervention. 
Paris, London and Berlin have only recently mended fences 
following the Iraq war and have pledged closer future military and 
security cooperation. 
The Franco-German-British summit is to focus on charting out 
common stances on economic and social reforms and preparing for the 
two-day EU summit on March 25. 

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