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03 February 2004

Total of 192 Iraqi Prisoners Released Under Reconciliation Plan

Defense Department report, February 3: Iraq operations

So far, 192 Iraqis detained by the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) have been released under the security reconciliation initiative announced in early January, a CPA spokesman says.

Briefing the media in Baghdad February 3, CPA Senior Adviser Daniel Senor said the 192 Iraqis had been "matched" with 157 Iraqi guarantors. The difference in the numbers is due to some guarantors sponsoring more than one detainee, Senor said.

Senor also said that a reward of $1 million has been paid to an informant for information that led to the January capture of Khamis Sirhan al-Mohammed, former Ba'ath Party commander in the Karbala region and one of the persons on the coalition's most wanted list. The payment was made under the State Department's Rewards for Justice program.

Also at the briefing, it was announced that there have been an average of 23 engagements a day against coalition forces in Iraq over the past seven days, according to Brigadier General Mark Kimmitt, deputy director for operations. There have been a little more than four attacks a day against Iraqi security forces, Kimmitt said, and just under two attacks daily against Iraqi civilians. Coalition and Iraqi forces continue to be proactive, and conducted 1,625 patrols, 12 offensive operations, 15 raids and captured 42 coalition suspects in the previous 24 hours, Kimmitt said.

In one of the military operations, Kimmitt said, coalition forces dug up "100 155-millimeter South African artillery rounds, 30 107-millimeter rockets, 500 anti-tank mines, 500 anti-personnel mines, and 10 50-pound bags of a black powder believed to be gunpowder. Additionally, they recovered enough 14.5-millimeter and 23-millimeter ammunition to fill an entire cargo truck."

Kimmitt also gave an update on the casualty figures from the recent suicide bombings in Erbil. He said the current information is that 67 people were killed and 247 wounded. He said FBI personnel collected forensic evidence February 3 while medical elements of the 101st Airborne Division provided added medical support.

Also on February 3, 153 Iraqi Civil Defense Corps students graduated, Kimmitt said.

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