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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

March 19, 2003
Release Number 03-03-27



SOUTHWEST ASIA - Coalition aircraft dropped leaflets today designed to explain to Iraqi military troops how to avoid being harmed by Coalition troops in the case of a Coalition invasion.

To reach the intended audience, the Coalition dropped the leaflets over suspected Iraqi troop locations.

The Coalition has been dropping informational leaflets into Iraq for months, but today signaled the first time the Coalition dropped leaflets with a "capitulation" message.

The change in theme does not necessarily indicate a Coalition military offensive against Iraq is imminent, but helps prepare for any military operations ordered by U.S. President George W. Bush, and is an attempt by Coalition forces to minimize Iraqi casualties if military conflict occurs.

On the front of the leaflets was the text, "To avoid destruction, follow Coalition guidelines," and featured a picture indicating that Iraqi troops should stay at least one kilometer from their vehicles. The back of the leaflet featured eight actions necessary to capitulate:

- Park vehicles in squares, no larger than battalion size.
- Stow artillery and Air Defense Systems in travel configuration.
- Display white flags on vehicles.
- No visible man portable air defense systems.
- Personnel must gather in groups, a minimum of one kilometer away from their vehicles.
- Officers may retain their sidearms; others must disarm.
- Do not approach Coalition forces.
- Wait for further instructions.

Along with the capitulation leaflets, Coalition aircraft dropped leaflets urging Iraqi forces not to use weapons of mass destruction. These leaflet types were dropped earlier. The leaflets warned Iraqi troops: "Any unit that chooses to use weapons of mass destruction will face swift and severe retribution by Coalition forces."

To see a picture of the leaflets dropped today (IZD-069), along with a radio script broadcast recently, follow the links below.

To see a picture of the leaflets dropped today, along with radio scripts broadcast recently, follow the links below.

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