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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

American Forces Press Service

Iraqi People Look to Their 'Better Angels,' Bremer Says

By Jim Garamone
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Dec. 1, 2003 - "You earn your future of hope every time you ignore the demons of fear and look to the better angels of your nature," Coalition administrator Ambassador L. Paul Bremer told the Iraqi people.

He spoke over a nationwide radio and television hook-up Nov. 28. He took the "better angels" line from Abraham Lincoln's first inaugural speech.

Bremer hammered home that the anti-coalition attacks have been directed primarily at Iraqis. He said the murderers have revealed the purposes. "During Ramadan, killers launched dozens of attacks specifically targeting innocent Iraqis," he said. "These attacks are intended to drive a wedge between the Iraqi people and the coalition."

But the attacks are really meant to isolate the Iraqi people, cutting them off from a "future of hope."

The administrator told Iraqis that the attacks stepped up after the coalition and the Iraqi Governing Council announced specific dates for an end to occupation, for a representative, sovereign Iraqi government, for a permanent constitution and for direct elections of a government.

He said former regime loyalists and foreign terrorists are attacking the process because it is the only way they could possibly return to power. "The killers are increasing their attacks on Iraqi police, Iraqi mayors and Iraqi officials," Bremer said. "They attack the police first because the police try to prevent their sabotage and murder, but also because the police bring the rule of law - and they fear the rule of law. They cannot bear the law."

They attack officials, Bremer continued, "because they want to eliminate those who can, through their accomplishments, emerge as leaders for whom you might vote. And the killers do not want a new Iraqi government that works."

The killers seek to intimidate the Iraqi people and silence them so "they can take over your country, destroy your future of hope."

Bremer said this is a dangerous time in Iraq. The former regime followers and "jihadists" are willing to kill thousands to stay in power.

But the Iraqi people are up to the challenge, he said. Iraqi security forces continue to grow, and the will of the Iraqi people to defy the former regime loyalists and jihadists is also growing.

"Every day, more Iraqis put aside their fears and step forward to tell the Iraqi police or coalition forces the names, dates and places they need to deal with the killers," he said. "They are using your information to make sure that the evil-doers cannot rest and that, like Saddam the fugitive, they must run and they must hide."

Bremer said the coalition will capture or kill Saddam and his sympathizers. He noted that Iraqis' future of hope will be fulfilled. "You have gone through too much to surrender your chance at self-government to thugs and murderers," he said.

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