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Int`l think-tank: Iraq needs a new political formula


Brussels, Nov 15, IRNA -- In an atmosphere of heightened violence and 
instability, Iraq urgently requires a new political formula, according
to an international think-tank . 
The U.S. Administration, increasingly alarmed at the turn of 
events, is considering a range of options. This will be its second 
chance to get it right; there may not be a third, warned the 
Brussels-based International Crisis Group`s new report "Iraq`s 
Constitutional Challenge." 
The report argues that the key to a more successful transition 
lies in separating the immediate need to transfer governing authority 
from the longer-term task of constitution making, with the UN having a
wider oversight role in both areas. 
"The transfer of authority is pressing, as is the broadening of 
the Iraqi Governing Council`s political base", says Robert Malley, 
ICG`s Middle East and North Africa Program Director. 
Iraqis are only just beginning to contemplate and discuss the 
desired content of, and the steps required for, a new constitution. 
"The constitutional endeavour is and should be a strictly 
Iraqi-owned project", says Joost Hiltermann, ICG Middle East Project 
Director. "The U.S. and other states should resist temptation of 
interference," he said. 

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