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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

24 October Iraq Special Weapons News

US Policy
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Reconstruction Issues
Foreign Reactions
News Reports

Current Operations

  • Number of Incidents in Iraq Up, Officials Say AFPS 24 Oct 2003 -- With new attacks in Iraq today, four soldiers have been killed in enemy attacks and two others have died there of other causes since Oct. 22, U.S. Central Command officials said. Four other soldiers were wounded.
  • Iraq Progress Continues, But More Work Ahead, Official Says AFPS 24 Oct 2003 -- U.S. and coalition forces are "an amazing group" that is "doing a magnificent job," enduring hardships and risks as they continue to make steady progress in Iraq, a senior defense official said.
  • Iraq: Polish, Baltic Troops Battling Heat, Culture Shock, And Misunderstandings RFE/RL 24 Oct 2003 -- Some 440 troops from Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania are based in the Iraqi city of Hilla, south of Baghdad. The soldiers are relaxed and friendly, and on many days the mission feels more like a holiday in a hot climate than deployment in a war zone. There is no anti-coalition resistance in the town, where little love is lost for deposed President Saddam Hussein. The soldiers say their biggest challenges are coping with the heat and trying to understand local culture and traditions.


US Policy

  • Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz comments on Civil Defense Corps 24 Oct 2003 -- They [the Civil Defense Corps] are coming on-line relatively quickly. In fact, in this big incident just the other day, in this area in Karbala, it was Iraqi Civil Defense Corps who played a very important role in law enforcement, actually.
  • Powell Says Donors Conference Will Hasten Full Iraqi Sovereignty Washington File 24 Oct 2003 -- U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell says the International Donors' Conference on the Reconstruction of Iraq will result in higher total pledges than any donors' conference ever held.
  • Bush Praises Iraq Donor's Conference in Madrid Washington File 24 Oct 2003 -- President Bush described the outcome of the Iraq Donor's Conference in Madrid as "significant progress for freedom," and thanked participating nations, international organizations and the conference's Spanish hosts for agreeing to help with Iraq's recovery.
  • EDITORIAL: IRAQ'S MARSH ARABS VOA 24 Oct 2003 -- Iraq is slowly emerging from decades of misrule. Today, the Iraqi people are meeting hardships and challenges as they set out on the path to democracy. The monuments built by the Saddam Hussein regime are being removed, and says President George W. Bush, "not only his statues"
  • Wolfowitz: Former Iraqi Army Troops Could Play Role in New Iraq AFPS 24 Oct 2003 -- As the U.S. and coalition forces in Iraq continue training Iraq's new security forces, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said here today he has "no prejudice" against hiring members of the old Iraqi army "as long as their record is clean."
  • CONGRESS / IRAQ VOA 24 Oct 2003 -- A published report says a U-S Senate panel is preparing a report blaming intelligence agencies for overstating the threat posed by deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Senate Democrats are seizing on the report as further evidence of what they call the Bush administration's misplaced policy in Iraq.
  • EDITORIAL: IRAQ'S SCHOOLS REBORN VOA 24 Oct 2003 -- It has been six months since a U.S.-led coalition removed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein from power. Since then, the coalition has been working with the Iraqi people to rebuild and lay the foundation for the country's first democratic government.
  • EDITORIAL: IRAQIS SUPPORT COALITION VOA 24 Oct 2003 -- "Praises be to God. It's finally safe to come out again." Those are the words of Haider Saffa, an Iraqi salesman who is now free to speak his mind without fear of being arrested by the regime of Saddam Hussein.

United Nations

Reconstruction Issues

  • Wolfowitz Assessing Reconstruction Efforts in Iraq Washington File 24 Oct 2003 -- Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz is in Iraq to learn what Washington can do to move reconstruction efforts forward in a useful way, according to a senior Defense Department official.
  • IMF Head Urges Iraq Creditors to Offer Debt Relief Washington File 24 Oct 2003 -- The international community must help Iraq to bring its external debt to a manageable level, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) head says.
  • Madrid Conference Reaps "Better than Anticipated" Contributions for Iraq Washington File 24 Oct 2003 -- USAID Administrator Andrew Natsios says the October 23-24 International Donors' Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq has changed the dynamic in the international donor community in favor of greater contributions.
  • At Least $33 Billion Pledged for Iraq at Madrid Conference Washington File 24 Oct 2003 -- Donor states have pledged at least $33 billion for the reconstruction of Iraq at the two-day international conference in Madrid, organizers announced October 24 at a closing press conference.
  • UNDP chief says Iraq could 'quickly' become a land of market opportunity UN News Centre 24 Oct 2003 -- The head of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) said today that Iraq could convert quickly from a land of subsidies and state control to one of "rising incomes and market opportunity."
  • U-N/ANNAN/IRAQ VOA 24 Oct 2003 -- U-N Secretary-General Kofi Annan is giving an optimistic assessment of the Madrid donors' conference on Iraq. Mr. Annan is predicting further contributions as security conditions improve.
  • IRAQ / DONORS CONFERENCE UPDATE VOA 24 Oct 2003 -- International donors gathered in Madrid have pledged 33 billion dollars in aid and loans over the next four years to help rebuild war-torn Iraq. The response to a U-S-led lobbying effort to elicit contributions exceeded expectations.
  • IRAQ / DONORS CONFERENCE VOA 24 Oct 2003 -- Promises of money for Iraqi reconstruction have begun to flow at a donors conference in Madrid, after delegates heard accounts of the country's widespread needs ranging from health to housing. Although the total pledged so far falls short of what the World Bank says Iraq requires, officials at the conference say it is at least a start.
  • POWELL / IRAQ DONORS VOA 24 Oct 2003 -- The international donors conference on Iraq is in a second and final day in Madrid with delegates from some 70 countries and international organizations announcing reconstruction pledges. U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell says it will be an unprecedented show of support for the emerging post-Saddam Hussein government in Baghdad.

Foreign Reactions

  • Kharrazi says UN`s pivotal role in Iraq, a necessity IRNA 24 Oct 2003 -- Iran`s Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi said here Friday that the United Nations` playing a pivotal role in Iraq was a necessity as well as establishment of a lawful and elected government in Iraq for improving situation in that country.
  • Blair admits `mistakes` on Iraq war, says Labour MP IRNA 24 Oct 2003 -- A Labour MP, who voted in support of launching military action against Iraq, was reported Friday to have admitted that Prime Minister Tony Blair and his government have accepted mistakes over the decision to go to war.
  • Withdrawal of Decision on Troop Dispatch to Iraq Called for KCNA 24 Oct 2003 -- Minju Joson today in a signed commentary demands the south Korean authorities immediately withdraw the anti-national decision on additional troop dispatch to Iraq.
  • KCNA Raps S. Korea's Decision to Additionally Dispatch Troops to Iraq KCNA 24 Oct 2003 -- The south Korean authorities on Oct. 18 formally decided to additionally send troops to Iraq at the meeting of the "National Security Council" and submit the motion calling for the troop dispatch to the "National Assembly".

News Reports

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