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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

13 October Iraq Special Weapons News

US Policy
United Nations
Reconstruction Issues
Foreign Reactions
News Reports

Current Operations

  • IRAQ / SECURITY VOA 13 Oct 2003 -- Attacks against coalition and Iraqi forces occur on a daily basis, averaging about 20 a day, according to U-S military officials in Baghdad. A Coalition Provisional Authority spokesman acknowledged negotiations are under way with Jordan to help rapidly increase the level of security in Iraq.
  • Iraq: U.S. Soldier Dies In North RFE/RL 13 Oct 2003 -- One U.S. soldier died and another was wounded when their Bradley fighting vehicle struck a land mine in northern Iraq.


US Policy

  • Bremer Offers Condolences to Baghdad Bombing Victims Washington File 13 Oct 2003 -- Coalition Provisional Authority Administrator Ambassador Paul Bremer issued a statement of condolence October 13 to the victims of the terrorist car bombing in Baghdad of October 12. According to news reports, at least six bystanders were killed and 32 injured in the explosion.
  • U.S.: Bush Administration Mounts Campaign To Win Support For Iraq Policy RFE/RL 13 Oct 2003 -- U.S. President George W. Bush is responding to a steady decline in the polls and an equally steady rise in criticism over his Iraq policy. First, he shifted much of the responsibility for rebuilding Iraq from the Pentagon to his national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice. Then he and other members of his administration spent much of last week on a public relations counteroffensive.
  • Iraq: Bush Hails New Currency Ahead Of Launch RFE/RL 13 Oct 2003 -- U.S. President George W. Bush has hailed the launch of Iraq's new currency as an important milestone for the Iraqi economy.

United Nations

  • UN/US-IRAQ-RESOLUTION VOA 13 Oct 2003 -- The United States is hoping the U-N Security Council will move quickly to adopt a new proposed resolution on Iraq. The new draft resolution sets a December 15th deadline for the Iraqi Governing Council to present a timeline for drafting a new constitution and holding elections. The draft is to presented in the Security Council Tuesday (today).

Reconstruction Issues

  • Iraq: Police Fight Crime -- And Public Mistrust -- On Streets Of Baghdad RFE/RL 13 Oct 2003 -- Iraqi police are an increasingly visible presence on the streets of Baghdad, as forces from the U.S.-led coalition keep a lower profile. But the postwar police force is largely manned by officers who served under the former regime. Some Baghdadis say they do not trust this new-old force, while others say they are proud of their police officers and happy to see fewer U.S. soldiers patrolling the streets.
  • Iraq: Foreign Troops, New Constitution Sticking Points Between Governing Council And U.S. RFE/RL 13 Oct 2003 -- A member of the Iraqi Governing Council says the body is united against neighboring countries sending troops to Iraq. In an interview with RFE/RL today, Judge Dara Nur al-Din also said it will be impossible to adopt a new Iraqi constitution in half a year as suggested by the U.S. administration.
  • Iraq: New Telecom Licenses Will Let Ordinary Citizens Call The Shots RFE/RL 13 Oct 2003 -- Three consortiums have been awarded licenses to build mobile phone networks in Iraq. The groups include Arab-owned telecommunications companies -- two from Kuwait and one from Egypt -- as well as local Iraqi investors. Experts say the contracts will improve Iraq's communications, give a fresh push to the country's struggling economy and help raise the confidence of Arab countries in the U.S.-led attempts to reconstruct Iraq.

Foreign Reactions

  • Blair accepts his `moral duty` to rebuild Iraq IRNA 13 Oct 2003 -- British Prime Minister Tony Blair acknowledged Monday that he will be "called to account" over his decision to go to war against Iraq.
  • EU committed to play important role in Iraq IRNA 13 Oct 2003 -- EU foreign ministers Monday reiterated the European bloc`s commitment to play "an important role, within the framework of all relevant UN SC resolutions in the international effort to help the Iraqi people rebuild their country."
  • Qatar donates $15 million for UNESCO fund to rehabilitate Iraqi universities UN News Centre 13 Oct 2003 -- The first lady of Qatar and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) have announced the launching of an initiative to rebuild Iraq's university system.
  • IRAQ / EU UPDATE VOA 13 Oct 2003 -- E-U foreign ministers have approved a more than 230-million-dollar reconstruction aid package for Iraq, before next week's (October 23,24) donors' conference in Spain.
  • EU: Foreign Ministers Meeting In Luxembourg To Talk Of Iraq, Iran RFE/RL 13 Oct 2003 -- European Union foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg today for their monthly talks will cover an extensive foreign policy agenda. EU officials say the centerpiece of the meeting will be Iraq and the upcoming donors conference in Madrid. Ties with Iran and the situation in the Middle East will also figure prominently, as will Russia, relations with the bloc's new neighbors and the compliance of the western Balkan countries with the war crimes tribunal in The Hague.
  • Middle East: OIC Chief Calls For U.S. To Quit Iraq, Israel To Leave Palestinian Territories RFE/RL 13 Oct 2003 -- A gathering of officials from Muslim countries yesterday in Putrajaya, Malaysia, was dominated by calls for U.S.-led coalition forces to leave Iraq and for Israeli troops to get out of the Palestinian territories.
  • Ra in US to Discuss Troop Dispatch Korea-net 13 Oct 2003 -- Senior Advisor of National Security Ra Jong-yil on Sunday (Oct. 12) left for the United States to discuss troop contributions to U.S. efforts in Iraq and the North Korean nuclear crisis with senior Washington officials.
  • IRAQ / E-U VOA 13 Oct 2003 -- The European Union is expected to approve a more than 230-million-dollar reconstruction aid package for Iraq before next week's (October 23, 24) donors conference in Spain. E-U diplomats say Britain and Spain also are to propose an amended U-N resolution on the future of Iraq in hopes of generating greater international support for peacekeeping and reconstruction efforts.
  • OIC/IRAQ VOA 13 Oct 2003 -- Senior officials from the 57 member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the world's biggest Islamic organization, have urged the "eviction" of U-S troops from Iraq. VThe leaders have gathered for the biggest Islamic summit since the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States.

News Reports

  • SAUDI/MILITANTS VOA 13 Oct 2003 -- Saudi authorities have arrested a group of armed militants as they tried to cross into Iraq. The arrests follow claims by Iraqi police that some Saudi nationals have been involved in deadly attacks in Iraq.
  • IRAQIS REBUILDING IRAQ VOA 13 Oct 2003 -- The first battalion of the new Iraqi army graduated from basic training this month. The seven-hundred soldiers will go to work within weeks to help provide security and guard Iraq's borders. The Iraqi army will eventually number forty-thousand men. Iyad Alawi, the current president of the Iraqi Governing Council, said the new army would not be like the one Saddam Hussein used to impose his rule. "Our army," said Mr. Alawi, "will be the defenders of our nation as well as of its citizens." The U-S-led coalition is working to place Iraqis in charge of rebuilding their country. Iraqis are now doing most of their own police work and U-S Secretary of State Colin Powell has called for Iraqis to write a new constitution within six months. According to U-S Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, "We are not in Iraq to engage in nation-building. Our mission is to help Iraqis so that they can build their own nation." How go efforts to put Iraqis in charge of rebuilding Iraq?

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