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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Invention to hunt for pretext of war


    Pyongyang, June 13 (KCNA) -- It is two months after the United States occupied Iraq militarily. It launched an invasion of Iraq on March 20 allegedly to destroy Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, and occupied Bagdhad on April 9. During and after the war, nearly 100 places have been ransacked according to information provided by the Bush administration. But the U.S. has failed to find out any objective evidence to justify its allegation about Iraq's mass destruction weapons.
    The invaders have also tried hard to find out such weapons in Iraq, but to no avail.
    Ever increasing in the international community is the skepticism about the information on Iraq's mass destruction weapons provided by the U.S. before the outbreak of the war and growing stronger is the world public demand for a probe into the truth behind it.
    Australian parliamentarians who already stigmatized the rumor about the mass destruction weapons as an invention of the U.S. are calling for the formation of a fact-finding committee, a call supported by members of parliament and figures of various social strata of other countries including Germany and Britain.
    The Chairman of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee claimed that the Bush administration deliberately spread misinformation, and said that the senate armed services committee and intelligence committee would make a joint investigation into the government's information. The Democratic parliamentary group decided to submit a draft resolution for examination at congress, calling for an investigation into the information.
    A former CIA information analyst revealed that optional information is used sometimes in the U.S. to justify already decided policies, while a historian said that the information about the mass destruction weapons provided by the CIA before the outbreak of the war was made up groundlessly.
    Meanwhile, deputy secretary of defense Paul Wolfowitz in a press conference admitted that the information was presented by Washington for its internal reasons. And Defense Secretary Donald Ramsfeld implied that weapons of mass destruction might not be found out in Iraq.
    The facts suffice to prove that the information was an invention made by the Bush administration for a preemptive attack on Iraq.
    The whole course of the Iraqi war from the demand for disarmament by inspection to the military attack was, in the final analysis, a war of aggression and state-sponsored terrorism perpetrated in disregard of international law and the United Nations.
    All this goes to show that the foreign policies of U.S. seeking world supremacy are characterized by undisguised threat to and high-handed practice against sovereign states. it also serves to indicate that the bush administration, with aggression and war as its mode of existence, is a group of rogues unhesitatingly doing any reckless act for their own political purpose and interests.
    With nothing can the U.S. veil the unjust and criminal nature of the Iraqi war of aggression.

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