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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

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June 13, 2003
Release Number: 03-06-50



CAMP DOHA, Kuwait - Coalition Forces continue to assist in developing a safer and more secure environment in Iraq through the following activities.


Coalition Forces recently:

Reported conditions in Kirkuk continue to improve on a daily basis. Long lines for benzene no longer exist. Traffic into the city and activity in the market place has increased significantly. Basic services are being provided.

Reported Kirkuk citizens have accepted the interim government, which continues to make positive strides under the mentorship and guidance of Coalition Forces. Soldiers are working with the Iraqis in formulating the new structure of city government and working to hire department heads, developing of a long-range security and economic plan, and developing a city budget.

Completed payments to 500 additional Iraqi government ministry personnel. Also met with Ministry contractors and obtained a written contract for reconstruction of main Ministry building and 4 additional buildings.

Delivered 843,300 liters of fuel, and 3,940 cylinders of propane in Western Baghdad.

Facilitated the establishment of 84 of 88 Neighborhood Advisory Councils in Baghdad.

Obtained preliminary estimates for water infrastructure improvement projects in Adhamiyah that will establish new services to 650 homes, and restore service to thousands of civilians. Also purchased repair parts for two pump trucks in the city that will allow their maintenance team to conduct repairs of the sewage system.

Reported the situation at most gas stations; schools and hospitals in the Mosul area continue to improve. The average wait time for gasoline continues to diminish, school attendance continues to increase, and Coalition efforts to obtain supplies for upcoming school exams have been highly successful.

Continued sewage and garbage removal project in the Al Farat area.

Conducted "Task Force Neighborhood" mission in Baghdad that renovated a soccer field and a school / clinic. Conducted a second mission in Al Fallujah that repaired three other soccer fields.
Assessed clinics and hospitals in the Mosul area for medical supply shortages, and delivered medical supplies.

Conducted a women's clinic mission near Hadithah that treated 50 Iraqi women and numerous children.

Assessed the Fallujah Brick and Cement Factory for serviceability and assisted in efforts to reopen the facility.

Received 78 benzene and 59 propane trucks in Baghdad from Turkey this morning. The high volume of trucks carrying supplies from Syria to Iraq continued Thursday, with 227 truckloads of humanitarian and commercial supplies crossing into Iraq.


Coordinated the barley and wheat subsidy plan in Al Hillah with agricultural officials.

Escorted fuel trucks as they distributed 560,000 gallons of fuel in As Samawah, Ar Rumaythah, and Al Khidr.

Assisted the Ad Diwaniyah water director in locating 10 tons of chlorine for water purification, alleviating the current shortage of this critical water purification chemical.

Participated in a grand opening of the Al-Rifah school in An Najaf, which was rehabilitated by U.S. Navy Seabees.

Delivered $25,500 to the Karbala Minister of Health for renovation of the Al Hussein Hospital's emergency room and general infrastructure, and to requisition a 2-month supply of sanitation and pollution testing chemicals.

Reported Karbala sanitation workers began the cleaning of the aeration tanks at the water treatment plant in preparation for the final power washing.

Reported that Karbala received and began distribution of 60 tons of propane cooking fuel to residents.

Monitored and provided security for the distribution of bonuses to the Headmasters of the Al Kut schools. An estimated 6,574 teachers received their $30 bonuses Thursday, for a total of $197,000.


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