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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

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MacDill AFB, Fla. 33621-5101
Phone: (813) 827-5894; FAX: (813) 827-2211; DSN 651-5894

June 11, 2003
Release Number: 03-06-43



CAMP DOHA, Kuwait - Coalition Forces continue to assist in developing a safer and more secure environment in Iraq through the following activities:


Coalition Forces recently:

. Continued "Task Force Neighborhood" cleanup operations in As Shurah.

. Paid $27,000 in OCPA funds for water projects in the Kirkuk/Mosul area.

. Completed delivery of the civil servant funds, and supervised mayoral elections in Muqudadiya in which an interim mayor was elected.

. Delivered 20 tons of propane within Baghdad Tuesday.

. Hauled and consolidated 88 tons of captured Iraqi ammunition. 8,281 tons of ammunition has been consolidated out of Baghdad to date, with 9 of 23 sites remaining to be cleared.

. Supported a feasibility study for an open-air market in Mosul.

. Reported a World Food Program convoy of 159 trucks departed Turkey with 5,200 metric tons of food for delivery in Dohuk, Mosul, Irbil, and Sulaymaniah. Also reported 201 trucks departed from Jordan with 3,600 metric tons of food for delivery in Baghdad, Babil, Anbar, and Wasit.

. Met with the World Food Program to discuss traffic issues associated with humanitarian shipments transiting the Iraq/Jordan border.

. Received a medical donation for pharmaceutical supplies from Sukhtian Group (Sukha Pharmaceuticals Division) valued at $140,000. Sukhtian Group has also tentatively agreed to provide an aid package specifically for displaced Palestinians within Iraq.

. Met with the mayor of Al Fallujah, Chief of Police, Imam's and Sheiks to discuss city reconstruction efforts. Also met with city industrial leaders to discuss re-establishment of infrastructure, such as the cement factory, power plants, and automobile plant.

. Developed an information campaign to encourage recruitment efforts among former Iraqi military members for positions as Iraqi facility security guards.

. Delivered a 2 1/2 ton truckload of medical supplies to the Al Karmah Primary Health Center and $3000 to the municipality water department in order to establish potable water service to 11,000 people in the area.

. Utilized contracting and purchasing officers to buy generators for a water treatment facility in Baghdad. Also continued to assess city police departments for renovation work (electrical, masonry, plumbing and basic construction) scheduled to begin in the next several days.

. Successfully repaired several police cars in Baghdad and acquired several others, which will be painted and marked prior to putting them on joint patrol in the city.

. Conducted assessments of the judicial system in Al Fallujah and discussed establishment of a criminal docket, courthouse buildings security, and salary payments. Also reported what may be the first criminal trials completed in Iraq since the end of the war.

. Received 193 benzene and 27 propane trucks in Mosul/Kirkuk area from Turkey on Tuesday. Also reported forces observed 166 humanitarian assistance shipments entering Iraq from Syria in the last 24 hours.

. Reported 700 million Iraqi Dinars and $380,000 in salary payments were distributed to civil servants in the past 24 hours.


. Repaired a broken water main in As Samawah that restored water service to an educational facility. Also located two school warehouses with a large amount of school supplies.

. Reported that chemicals are scheduled to arrive in An Nasariyah that will allow the electric power plant to start up two remaining turbines.

. Facilitated delivery of 16 truckloads of medical supplies for distribution to hospitals in An Nasariyah and a reserve of 10 truckloads for storage.

. Provided diesel refuelers that continued to increase diesel reserves at the An Najaf electric power plant.

. Supervised $40 stipend payments to more than 1,800 pensioners through the retirement office.

. In Ad Diwaniyah, the Governor, new chief of police as well as representative leadership from the former police force attended a Coalition hosted security conference. The agenda set the stage for police force transformation, discussion on how to maintain / improve security and how to gain further trust and confidence from the local population in their new police force. The police academy class continues to train 280 students.

. Reported the Karbala TV station is fully functional, and broadcasting daily from 5 pm to midnight.


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