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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

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Coalition and Iraqi Police work to make Iraq secure

June 11, 2003
Release # 03-06-042

CAMP DOHA, Kuwait -- Coalition Forces continue to aggressively patrol Iraq to eliminate crimes against people and property, rid populated areas of weapons, ammunition and explosives, and stop the black market trade in fuel and other commodities. Coalition Forces also continue to conduct joint security patrols with Iraqi police to increase the professionalism of the police force and prepare them for their role in a self-governed Iraq.

Task Force "Ironhorse" Launches Operation Peninsula Strike

A joint, combined arms task force led by the 4th Infantry Division began Operation Peninsula Strike Monday by conducting a series of raids to eradicate Ba'ath Party loyalists, paramilitary groups and other subversive elements located on a peninsula along the Tigris River, northeast of Balad, Iraq.

The operation has resulted in the capture of 397 suspects and the seizure of numerous weapon systems and ammunition. They also captured several senior pro-regime members, including a former Iraqi Lieutenant General, a Major General and a Colonel.

A 10:00 P.M. to 04:00 A.M. curfew is in place on the peninsula in order to ensure that civilians transiting the area acknowledge U.S. authority. Task Force Ironhorse continues to seize illegal weapons in support of the National Weapons Policy implemented on June 1, 2003.

The operation took place in two major stages. The first stage of the operation involved moving soldiers and equipment into strike positions, intelligence gathering, and coordination with local police. During the second stage, raids were conducted within the area of operation via land, air and water to capture or destroy subversive elements. Air assault teams, ground attacks squads, raid teams, river patrol boats and local security combined forces to block off escape routes and operate check points to ensure the operation's success.

As the operation continues, specially trained soldiers are screening the detainees to determine who may be released and who will be retained for further questioning. These soldiers are also processing information which can be used in the apprehension of hostile groups who continue to try to harm coalition forces and innocent Iraqi people. The information gathered will also assist coalition forces in providing a safe and secure environment for the Iraqi people.

Weapons Turn-In Program:

Iraqi citizens voluntarily turned in a variety of weapons under the Weapons Turn-In Program that began June 1. As of today, Iraqi citizens have delivered to Weapons Collection Points a total of 85 pistols, 72 semi-automatic rifles or shotguns, 363 automatic rifles, 40 machine guns, 120 anti-tank weapons (i.e., rocket-propelled grenade launchers), 10 anti-air weapons, and 230 grenades and other explosive devices.

The amnesty period for the Weapons Turn-In Program will run through June 14.

Coalition Activity:

A local farmer led a Coalition patrol to a previously undiscovered weapons cache in Mosul. The patrol confiscated 3,000 x 12.7mm rounds, three mortars with tripods, 3 Rocket-Propelled Grenades, and four firearms. The weapons were secured at the local police station and then delivered to a brigade collection point.

A 4th Infantry Division patrol discovered three ammunition bunkers in Northern Iraq that contained thousands of Rocket-Propelled Grenades, anti-tank/anti-personnel mines, and mortar rounds. The patrol detained 9 personnel with shovels and pick-axes that had tampered with the bunkers in an attempt to loot ammunition. The bunkers were secured and are in the process of being destroyed.

The 101st Airborne Division hired an additional 50 former Iraqi military personnel to increase the power of the Joint Iraqi Security Company being stood up in Northern Iraq.

Marines detained 17 individuals in An Najaf after responding to explosions near an ammunition bunker. Four of the detainees were found with empty artillery shells in their vehicles, and were detained for questioning.

Marines in Al Dinawiah are assisting local Iraqi authorities in investigating the alleged manslaughter of an Iraqi child. It was reported this morning that a military vehicle struck the child.

Fifteen more Iraqi police officers were hired in the city of Al Sammawah.

The police chief of Al Dinawiah was removed from his position due to allegations of corruption.

The 101st Airborne Division detained two individuals for running a black-market fuel ring in Mosul. A truck and a supply of propane and gasoline were also seized.

Coalition forces captured and detained two more war criminals. They are Latif Nusayyif Jasim Al-Dulaymi, Ba'ath party military bureau deputy chairman (#18), and Husayn Al Awadi, Ba'ath party regional chairman - Ninawa governorate (#53 BG in the former regimes chemical corps).

Police Activity in the Last 24 Hours:

Coalition Forces conducted 8 raids and a total of 2,595 patrols throughout Iraq. Of those patrols, they conducted 253 joint Iraqi and Coalition patrols. They also detained or arrested 264 individuals for a variety of criminal activities including looting, curfew violations, weapons violations, theft, larceny and dealing drugs.

Recent Police Activity:

While on patrols in north and central Baghdad, US military police came across several types of unexploded ordnance (UXO). Types of UXO discovered varied from small missiles, to rocket propelled grenades (RPG) and RPG launchers, blasting caps, fuses and grenades. All areas were clearly marked and cordoned by the military police as explosive ordnance experts continued to properly dispose of the ordnance.

A possible murder reported in northwest Baghdad was investigated during a joint patrol (US military police and Iraqi Police). Iraqi police investigators questioned several suspects at the scene of the crime, and then transported all suspects to the local station for further processing.

Three assailants believed to be arms dealers assaulted an off duty Iraqi policeman in northern Baghdad. A joint patrol was sent to the suspects' house(s) to make an arrest. A search of the premises revealed one AK-47. The Iraqi police apprehended one of the assailants and took him to the Al Hurriyah police station for questioning.

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