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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

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June 10, 2003
Release Number: 03-06-36



CAMP DOHA, Kuwait - Coalition Forces continue to assist in developing a safer and more secure environment in Iraq through the following activities.


Coalition Forces recently:
. Reported an all-time high of 14,140 bottles of propane were processed at the propane plant and also reported the Baghdad-Basra pipeline is operational.
. Reported a total of 35 humanitarian shipments crossed into Iraq from Syria in the last 24 hours, and received 217 benzene and 46 propane trucks from Turkey.
. Delivered 3K gallons of water to villages in the Tall Afar area and 4K gallons of water to the Sununi area.
. Reported the Rabi'ah granary is nearly full from the harvest, and that the locals are opening another facility to store the overflow wheat and barley.
. Reported the UN World Food Program distributed four shipments to Habbaniyah and 47 shipments to Ar Ramadi.
. Observed the lawyers' assembly election in Mosul, where 52 candidates vied for 10 positions. It was reported that about 800 hundred lawyers turned out to vote. The results of the election are not yet known.
. Delivered medical supplies to a medical clinic in Ad Duluyah, and will coordinate for additional supplies to be delivered.
. Met with the Mosul Director General to develop a plan to source new administrators at the outlying hospitals, in particular Sinjar and Al-Baaj hospitals.
. Received a train schedule from Baghdad with proposed arriving and departing trains for final approval, which will significantly improve public transportation within Iraq.
. Attended a meeting at the Grain Board Office and report the barley harvest in Northern Iraq is 70% complete and wheat harvest is 10% complete. Both harvests are going well.
. Placed information boards at the Civil-Military Operations Center, UN compound and World Food Program warehouses in Baghdad to assist in informing locals of pertinent dates and locations for registration and distributions, in an attempt to assist internally displaced persons in Northern Iraq.
. Facilitated acquisition of chemicals needed for mosquito/fly control with Fallujah Health Department's Communicable Disease Center. Enough supplies exist for the current mosquito season; more supplies will be needed for spraying in Oct-Nov.
. Reported that the Baghdad Airport is due to open to commercial traffic in mid-July.
. Identified a clogged underground sewer pipe in Baghdad and began trenching in preparation for the laying of new pipeline for the city.
. Met with Red Cross representatives to discuss the plan for nursing reform in Iraq, and coordinate assessments of nursing skills and nursing capabilities at different geographical areas within the country.
. Continued to coordinate for emergency start-up funds for (state-owned) passenger and cargo companies throughout Iraq.
. Met with U.S. Treasury officials and members of the Supreme Audit Board to discuss the acquisition of the most recent financial statements of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.
. Conducted meeting with UNICEF and U.N. to discuss the future of orphanages and children's programs in Iraq, and agree upon the process for assessment and implementation of short- and long-term programs.


. Received a translated report of 22 capital projects from the engineers with the Ministry of Interior for prioritization, and will coordinate with appropriate NGO's to screen them for possible submission to international or local contractors or other entities as necessary.
. Met with Iraqi ministry officials in Baghdad to assess on-hand medications, vaccines, and develop a plan to address possible shortages.
. Reported 8,515 propane cylinders were filled and distributed throughout Al Kut and surrounding areas of Wasit Province.

. Provided emergency medical treatment to 12-year-old child and her mother, who were burned by a propane stove in Khor Zubayr, and also coordinated transportation of the child to the Spanish Hospital ship.
. Continued to coordinate with Customs and Immigration teams to establish processes at Umm Qasr port in preparation for the re-opening of the port to commercial traffic, scheduled for mid-June.

. Reported the food distribution warehouse is functioning at a level that exceeds prewar standards, and that no shortages are being experienced.

. Completed six of 17 clinic assessments for the An Najaf Governate.

. Began payment of $1.6 million in U.S. currency to the pensioners on Monday.

. Continued to assist in efforts to establish the Interim City Council, elect 10 more judges, and execute the National Payment Plan.

. Reported a new Karbala newspaper is expected to print its first edition next week, and that Human Rights Foundation will also begin publication of a magazine, "Human Rights" as a means of educating the population on their newly won rights and how they should treat one another.
. Met with the Chief Judge concerning collection of dates to determine the disposition of residences that were confiscated by the prior regime in the late 70s and early 80s, and develop a long-term reclamation process for citizens.
. Coordinated for structural experts to assess the Al-Hussein Water treatment facility, and continued to develop a funding proposal and a health assessment for the facility.


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