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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

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June 10, 2003
Release Number: 03-06-37



CAMP DOHA, Kuwait -- Coalition Forces continue to patrol Iraq to eliminate crimes against people and property, rid populated areas of weapons, ammunition and explosives, and stop the black market trade in fuel and other commodities. Coalition Forces also continue to conduct joint security patrols with Iraqi police to increase the professionalism of the police force and prepare them for their role in a self-governed Iraq.

Weapons Turn-In Program:

Iraqi citizens voluntarily turned in a variety of weapons under the Weapons Turn-In Program that began June 1. As of today, Iraqi citizens have delivered to Weapons Collection Points a total of 44 pistols, 69 semi-automatic rifles or shotguns, 240 automatic rifles, 25 machine guns, 78 anti-tank weapons (i.e., rocket-propelled grenade launchers), 122 grenades and other explosive devices.

The amnesty period for the Weapons Turn-In Program will run through June 14.

Coalition Activity:

The 4th Infantry Division continued in its efforts to locate remaining pockets of paramilitary forces and Ba'ath party loyalists to create a secure and stable environment north of Baghdad. Three hundred eighty-four people have been detained for interrogation, 30 are confirmed as pro-regime. Twelve individuals attempted to escape by boat, but were captured. Four soldiers were wounded, though none of their injuries were life-threatening.

Soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division (ID) conducted a raid on a house believed to hold the individuals responsible for an attack on Coalition Forces on June 7. They detained two individuals and were informed four more were at a local hospital. Upon inspection of the hospital, soldiers detained two other individuals. The 4th ID also conducted a raid in at a weapons market in Tayji, detaining three individuals selling detonation cord and explosives. They also conducted a raid on a suspected arms cache in Baqubah, where they detained 31 individuals, and confiscated 13 rocket-propelled grenades and various small arms. Finally, they raided a site in Taji, detaining six people, seizing 40 grenades, 90 rocket-propelled grenades, four boxes of anti-tank mines, and associated small arms.

Looters traveling in seven vehicles fired at a 4th Infantry Division patrol in Bayji. The patrol returned fire, and captured one vehicle, while the other six vehicles attempted to escape. The fleeing vehicles were located by an AH-64 Apache helicopter, and a flash checkpoint was established which captured the remaining vehicles, detaining nine individuals, and seizing anti-tank mines in their possession.

Forty Seersucker anti-ship missiles were discovered and confiscated by 1st Armored Division (AD) forces in a Baghdad suburb. Coalition personnel will destroy the missiles.

101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division soldiers investigated possible mortar fire in Mosul, and subsequently discovered and seized a 120mm mortar with 39 rounds, and a number of enemy fortifications. Soldiers also received small arms direct fire while traveling in a two-vehicle convoy passing through a Mosul traffic circle, slightly injuring one soldier. A patrol searched the site, and detained two Iraqi gunmen armed with five AK-47s, and two rocket-propelled grenades.

101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division soldiers conducted a cordon and search of a suspect weapons market in Mosul, where they detained five personnel and confiscated two 9mm Sub-machine guns, approximately 6,000 rounds of ammunition, numerous magazines, and approximately 1,434,400 Dinar.

Police Activity in the Last 24 Hours:

Coalition Forces conducted 11 raids and a total of 2,444 patrols throughout Iraq. 250 were joint Iraqi and Coalition patrols. They also detained or arrested 189 individuals for a variety of criminal activities including looting, curfew violations, weapons violations, theft, larceny and dealing drugs.

Recent Police Activity:

U.S. military police in east Baghdad noticed six males carrying weapons. The patrol stopped the individuals and confiscated three AK-47s. The individuals were transported to the Althawra Police Station for questioning.

U.S. forces detained 52 people in northwest Baghdad for attempting to loot a local warehouse and storage complex thought to contain munitions. U.S. forces on the scene reported receiving fire from a crowd of approximately 300 people. Although the situation was volatile, there were no reported injuries. Explosive ordnance specialist determined that all the munitions at the complex were harmless.

A murder suspect was apprehended and taken to the Al-Kerreda police station by a joint police patrol. An AK-47 bayonet and 29 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition were seized during the search of the suspect's residence.


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