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June 6, 2003
Release Number: 03-06-19



CAMP DOHA, Kuwait - Coalition Forces continue to assist in developing a safer and more secure environment in Iraq through the following activities.


Coalition Forces recently:
. Delivered bulk medical supplies to hospitals in Baghdad.
. Reported Baghdad's Al Rashad power plant is producing 20 megawatts, which exceeds pre-war output.
. Conducted a Task Force Neighborhood mission that cleared a soccer field in Mahkmur.
. Cleared/transported eight truckloads of ammunition caches from schools in Mosul.
. Worked with local authorities to develop summer youth programs in Mosul.
. Reported the Samarra-Baghdad oil pipeline is now operational.
. Participated in meeting by local sheiks and leaders in Samarra to prepare for the upcoming mayoral election.
. Reported propane prices in Kirkuk have dropped significantly due to steady flow of propane from Turkey (current price is 6,000 dinar per bottle; former price was 18,000 dinar per bottle).
. Received 194 benzene and 57 propane trucks in Northern Iraq from Turkey today yesterday.
. Worked to rebuild the water pump station in Al Dujayl. The water treatment system will also be assessed to ensure the water of sufficient quality.
. Delivered a refrigerator and generator to Baghdad Clinic #8.
. Conducted a public awareness campaign that helped end the theft of electrical power from the generator at Baghdad Medical Clinic #3.
. Distributed 4.4 million liters of gasoline, and 50,000 bottles of propane in Baghdad on Thursday.
. Reported that 21 Neighborhood Advisory Councils have been established throughout the city.
. Reported 46% of medical facilities in Baghdad have now been assessed. A medical supply and drug distribution assessments is being addressed with the Ministry of Health.
. Reported Baghdad food distribution is going well, and reported public announcements to educate population about the distributions have gone out for the last 4 days.
. Reported a medical supply and drug distribution assessment is being addressed with the Ministry of Health. Food Distribution is going well. The public announcements have gone out for the last 4 days.
. Delivered bulk medical supplies to 8 Baghdad hospitals.
. Reported the first meeting of the Maghrib Council, in which about 110 people showed up to elect representatives. They elected seven representatives to form the Neighborhood Council.
. Attended a meeting about displaced persons at the Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Center in Baghdad.
. Paid Baghdad sanitation contractors. Reported that trash is being removed from the streets and OCPA inspectors are now present at the two landfill sites.
. Provided a list of 500 schools recommended for rehabilitation by a contracted multinational company to the OCPA Education Ministry.
. Reported that sanitation services are resuming in Kirkuk, and additional trucks and crews are being dispatched to clean up areas of the city.
. Reported that the Kirkuk Iraqi Media Network aired the Kurdish version of their follow-up report on the current availability of fuel and propane to increase awareness about fuel/propane availability.
. Conducting needs assessments of one hospital and 17 health centers in the Zakho district of Dahuk.
. Destroyed 29 tons of Iraqi ammunition that was captured in Baghdad.


. Conducting a survey of the drinking water supply from Al Shatra to An Nasiriyah to find illegal water taps. Plugging them will increase the system's water pressure and make water more readily available to the city's users.
. Reported that 40-60 truckloads of food are coming into the An Nasiriyah warehouse each day.
. Helping to repair a cold storage facility that was looted during the war.
. Assisted Republic of Korea forces in planning for tri-weekly fogging to control sand flies in the most afficted part of the city. The R.O.K. team also offered their fogger to the Zoonotic disease program of the Dhi Qar Health Directorate.
. Met with members of the An Nasiriyah Chamber of Commerce to develop a strategy for stimulating economic activity through local small business development.

. Reported the water supply is safe and has been brought back to pre-war levels. Purification facilities are working and have adequate supplies to continue operation.
. Reported deliveries of World Food Program food shipments are functioning well, and that three of four grain mills are producing flour.
. Reported improvements to the National power grid (currently 90%) will be completed within 10 days. The local power infrastructure is working at pre-war levels, and normal electrical service will be restored as soon as authorities in Baghdad/An Nasiriyah complete repairs.
. Met with various University, Institute and Department of Education officials in order to obtain either denunciation or disavowment of Ba'ath party signatures. Discussed operating budget and salary distribution with the Director of Education.
. Concerning the Wasit Health Province Building, obtained assessments for replacement of the windows and doors, painting, fixing of the main electrical switch box and required repair parts.

. Reported a new council was formed with 10 members, who are qualified to take action to resolve issues that affect the life of the city.
. Reported that British Forces will transport examination materials to the city for the upcoming school testing period.

. Reported that they are working with representatives at town council to accept the offer to mobilize over 100 volunteers to assist to assist the town to pick up trash, while the town works to form a standing sanitation department.
. Provided assistance with UK Forces to conduct a Quick Impact Project to restore the town's ice factory.

. Assisted the Election committee to begin the nomination process to select six representatives for Baghdad Constitution committee.
. Reported the wheat harvest was delivered to silos in Abu Sakhyr and An Najaf, and are working to extend silo hours to reduce the backlog of grain deliveries.

. Arranged meetings with religious, tribal, and civilian leaders to find broad based, independent delegates for the council, and ensure it is not dominated by one constituency.
. Delivered medical supplies to the Al Hillah hospital.

. Met with the Water Department to discuss acquisition of repair and spare parts for the $40 million dinar water project, and acquisition of supplies and other scientific testing.
. Located a medical supply warehouse with a large stock of supplies, which will be distributed to the local hospitals.
. Reported electrical generation from An Nasiriyah has reached the 70-megawatt level, greatly improving the quality of life for the governate.

. Met with multinational contract representative to discuss infrastructure projects at hospitals, main infrastructure projects, and to obtain a copy of the local health assessment.
. Provided a three day supply of benzene.
. Repaired the diesel pipeline that was recently tapped by thieves.


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