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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

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Coalition Efforts Aid Iraq's Recovery

June 5, 2003
Release # 03-06-013

CAMP DOHA, Kuwait - Coalition Forces continue to assist in developing a safer and more secure environment in Iraq through the following activities.


Coalition Forces recently:

  1. Conducted the 10th "Task Force Neighborhood" mission in the Al Rashid District of Baghdad, with the assistance of 50 hired Iraqis, which:
    1. Repaired four doors in the Al Shafek Middle School for girls.
    2. Rewired and connected electrical power to the district council building.
    3. Hauled away 280 ton of rubble from behind the District Counsel Building.
    4. Treated three Iraqis for minor ailments and provided information for further care.
    5. Provided dental treatment to 39 patients along with a local dentist who also helped with translation.
    6. Removed 11 rocket-propelled grenade rounds from a market place, ammunition and weapons from two other sites, and verified clearance of a reported cache near a school.
  2. Conducted the 11th Task Force Neighborhood clean-up mission at a school in Mosul, which:
    1. Hired four civilian dump trucks to supplement US military assets.
    2. Purchased $2,500 in parts and supplies for the Mosul Olympic pool with repairs estimated to be complete by June 6.
    3. Completed graffiti removal in the University area.
  3. Distributed 5.5 million liters of benzene in Baghdad, exceeding the pre-war high of 5.2 million.
  4. Received 167 benzene and 52 propane trucks from Turkey in Mosul.
  5. Continued $40 emergency payments to pensioners in the greater Mosul area.
  6. Distributed $1,248,660 to banks and post offices in Northern Iraq for pension payments yesterday.
  7. Distributed $263,960 to post offices for social care and social security payments starting June 5.
  8. Reported that the World Food Program distributed 150 metric tons of wheat to food agents in Northern Iraq, and began distribution of sugar, detergent, soap, and tea today.
  9. Hosted the Mayor of Mosul in the Sununi area to discus elections, legitimate local authority and harvest issues.
  10. Participated in the second Tuz city council meeting to discuss local sanitation, city sewage and fuel resupply.
  11. Continued to conduct "Team Neighborhood" missions in Baqubah which collected trash, conducted area beautification and assessed needed repairs to local schools.
  12. Met with Al Qaim area sheikhs and Iraqi National Congress representative to discuss the formation of a city council and restoration of basic services.
  13. Helped Iraqi engineers complete repairs of dams north of Ar Ramadi.
  14. Transported and consolidated 70 truckloads (over 6,800 tons) of captured Iraqi munitions outside of Baghdad.
  15. Destroyed 39 tons of captured Iraqi ammunition in Baghdad.
  16. Facilitated a 238-truck World Food Program convoy (5,449 metric tons) from Turkey to deliver food to Dohuk, Mosul, Erbil and Sulaymaniwah.
  17. Facilitated a 298-truck World Food Program convoy from Jordan to deliver food to Baghdad, Babil, Diyala, Wasit and Dohuk.
  18. Reported that 50 trucks from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia resupplied their field hospital in Baghdad.



  1. Assisted the Red Crescent in the planning for the repair and upgrade of the water pumping stations in Ash Shatrah.
  2. Paid former Iraqi army members a one-time payment of 70,000 dinars each.
  3. Assisted in the removal of four low lift pumps from an obsolete irrigation pumping station to use for future rehabilitation projects at other locations.
  4. Attended the first all-governate meeting of the An Nasiriyah City Council and town councils of Suk Ash Shuyukh, As Sahtra, Ar Rifa, and Al Cubaiyish. This is a major step forward in improving the responsibility, accountability and inclusiveness of the government structure in Thi Qar.


  1. Reported two Marine Corps staff non-commissioned officer rescued two young boys from drowning in the Tigris river by throwing a cargo strap to them and pulling them out.
  2. Report that Al Kut is now receiving 10 tons of Iraqi propane per day.


  1. Granted $500 each to 18 schools for repairs.
  2. Reported that the election committee met to draft the election timeline proposal.


  1. Continued discussions with civic and religious leaders for the establishment of a city council that provides a system of checks and balances within the local government.
  2. Coordinated the third day of the civil servant salary payments. The team paid the municipal services, education, police and communications departments.
  3. Report that construction work at the Hammurabi, Al Jannan and Mahawil fire stations is progressing well.
  4. Received a total of 17 boxes of medical supplies for distribution to the International Dispensary Association.
  5. Completed the first draft of the Babylon City Council bylaws.
  6. Received initial funding to begin the sewage aeration tank clean up.


  1. Reported funding was approved for basic repairs to the police facilities.
  2. Started to replace windows at the Samawah General Hospital.
  3. Transferred funds to the municipal department to support their caretakers and associated vehicles.
  4. Met with the advisory council and reviewed the names that they recommended to create a reformed city council.


  1. Coordinated the Coalition Provisional Authority stipend payment of $20 each to 800 traffic and city policemen in the governate.
  2. Reported the banks received 4.8 billion dinars to use for civil service salary payments.
  3. Have assisted in completing assessments of five of the nine fire stations in the Ad-Diwaniyah province, and have started initial assessments of rescue vehicles and equipment.
  4. Completed questioning of 188 teachers and headmasters about possible Ba'ath party affiliation and participation.
  5. Coordinated a dedication ceremony at the Developmental Secondary School.


  1. Received a benzene gasoline shipment, which is a four-day supply for the city.
  2. Met with representatives from Bechtel to discus infrastructure projects at the hospital and sewage treatment plant.

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