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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

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June 12, 2003
Release Number: 03-06-44



CAMP DOHA, Kuwait -- Coalition Forces continue to aggressively patrol Iraq to eliminate crimes against people and property, rid populated areas of weapons, ammunition and explosives, and stop the black market trade in fuel and other commodities. Coalition Forces also continue to conduct joint security patrols with Iraqi police to increase the professionalism of the police force and prepare them for their role in a self-governed Iraq.

Coalition Continues to Seek and Destroy Subversive Elements

A Coalition raid was conducted 150 kilometers Northwest of Baghdad Wednesday as part of the continued effort to eradicate Ba' ath Party loyalists, paramilitary groups and other subversive elements.

The assault on the terrorist training camp began at approximately 1:45 a.m. (Baghdad time) with a coordinated air strike. A direct firefight ensued with ground forces early this morning. Ground forces included members of the 101st Airborne Division.

One Coalition soldier received minor wounds.

Any information or intelligence gathered at the site of the raid by specially trained soldiers would assist coalition forces in providing a safe and secure environment for the Iraqi people.

Task Force "Ironhorse" Continues Operation Peninsula Strike

A joint, combined arms task force led by the 4th Infantry Division began Operation Peninsula Strike Monday by conducting a series of raids to eradicate Ba'ath Party loyalists, paramilitary groups and other subversive elements located on a peninsula along the Tigris River, Northeast of Balad, Iraq.

Fifty-nine of the 397 detainees have been released because of age (young or elderly) or were of no intelligence value.

Any information or intelligence gathered at the site of the raid by specially trained soldiers would assist coalition forces in providing a safe and secure environment for the Iraqi people.

Weapons Turn-In Program:

Iraqi citizens voluntarily turned in a variety of weapons under the Weapons Turn-In Program, which began June 1. As of today, Iraqi citizens have delivered to weapons collection points a total of 113 pistols, 75 semi-automatic rifles or shotguns, 386 automatic rifles, 40 machine guns, 130 anti-tank weapons (i.e., rocket-propelled grenade launchers), 10 anti-air weapons, and 249 grenades and other explosive devices.

The amnesty period for the Weapons Turn-In Program will run through June 14.

Public Notice Regarding Public Incitement to Violence and Disorder:

Office of the Administrator of the Coalition Provision Authority advises all citizens, residents of, and visitors to Iraq of the following security measure(s). Any person making a prohibited pronouncement in a public place, distributing or attempting to distribute any prohibited material in whatever form, will be subject to immediate detention by Coalition security forces and held as a security internee under the fourth Geneva convention of 1949.
Examples of prohibited pronouncements and material are provided as follows:

- Material that incites violence against any individual or group, including racial, ethnic or religious groups and women.
- Incites civil disorder, rioting or damage to property.
- Incites violence against Coalition forces.
- Advocates alterations to Iraq's borders through violent means.
- Advocates the return to power of the Iraqi Ba'ath Party or make statements that purport to be on behalf of the Iraqi Ba'ath Party.

The notice clarifies that it is not designed to exclude or inhibit legitimate debate and criticism, or to stifle political expression. Prohibited pronouncements and materials are limited to those that incite violence or destabilization of the sensitive environment that currently exists in Iraq.

Coalition Activity:

Marines in An Najaf detained 10 individuals from Fallujah at a vehicle checkpoint after receiving information about their plans for possible attacks against Coalition Forces. The suspects were detained for questioning, as they matched the description provided by informants. Locals confirmed their identities.

Coalition efforts to improve local policing remain effective. Al Kut police detained 4 individuals for possession of a stolen bus and truck. After a search of their home, the police confiscated 100 rockets and propellant mechanisms, a cache of RPGs, an AK-47, a 60 mm mortar, 4 new desktop computers, and a stolen air conditioning unit.

The An Najaf police academy held a graduation ceremony in which 88 candidates graduated to assist in law enforcement operations.

In Al Basrah, British forces conducted a raid to disrupt possible criminal elements in a village. They detained five individuals, and seized eight RPG's and 29 warheads, six assault rifles, one machine gun and 20,000 rounds of mixed ammunition, two computers, and a possible stolen bed vehicle with dodgy paper work.

1st Armored Cavalry Regiment conducted a raid on a suspected Ba'ath Party meeting and detained three personnel.

101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) arrested and turned over to local authorities three Iraqi men after they shot and killed a fellow Iraqi in Mosul. Five AK47 assault rifles and 23 magazines, three long rifles, a 30 cal machine gun, assorted ammunition and 77,050 Dinar were confiscated.

Local citizens in Mosul led an Army patrol to an ammunition cache that contained 160 mortar rounds and 500 anti-aircraft artillery rounds.

Conducted a raid on a house in Mosul to locate possible bomb-making material. After a cordon of the area, a laptop computer containing bomb-making instructions was confiscated, along with other documentation.

Conducted a raid on a suspected arms market in Baghdad, but found a stolen car market instead. Twelve personnel were also detained for questioning, and the raid netted nine stolen cars, $3,300 dollars, 26 million Dinar, 30 license plates, and a pistol.

3rd MP Company came across looters during a routine patrol in Al Fallujah. Five looters were detained and two stolen vehicles were recovered.

3rd MP delivered two vehicles to the Habbiniyah and Khalidyah mayors for transfer to their police forces. The first IPF uniform was completed for the police chief yesterday and the first roll call formation was conducted with 292 police officers present.

Police Activity in the Last 24 Hours:

Coalition Forces conducted eight raids and a total of 2,176 patrols throughout Iraq. Of those patrols, they conducted 264 joint Iraqi and Coalition patrols. They also detained or arrested 273 individuals for a variety of criminal activities including looting, curfew violations, weapons violations, theft, larceny and dealing drugs.

Recent Police Activity:

The Al Kut police detained four individuals for possession of a stolen bus and truck. After a search of their home, the police confiscated 100 rockets and propellant mechanisms, a cache of RPGs, an AK-47, a 60 mm mortar, four new desktop computers, and a stolen air conditioner. Clearly our police force is increasingly effective.

Unknown assailants in Northwest Baghdad shot at two Iraqi police officers, killing one. One of the officers returned fire as the suspects fled. The officer did not die at the scene of the crime, but at a hospital as a result of his wounds.

A joint patrol in West Baghdad served an arrest warrant to a suspect for a stabbing and robbery incident. The suspect was taken under custody without incident to the New Baghdad Police Station.


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