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May 17, 2003
Release Number: 03-05-58



CAMP DOHA, Kuwait - Coalition forces continue to assist in developing a safer and more secure environment in Iraq. Among recent developments:


Civil affairs personnel accompanied an ORHA Engineering Assessment Team to the Mosul Courthouse to assist in a top-to-bottom assessment of structural needs for the facility.

352d Civil Affairs Command is assisting I Marine Expeditionary Force to develop practical initiatives to expedite Liquid Propane Gas distribution in southern Iraq via railroad.

101st Airborne Assault soldiers delivered propane to 16 sites and conducted inspections of 20 farm combines in the Makhmur area.


Civil Military Cooperation personnel facilitated a meeting between the Iraqi engineers that resulted in the transportation and replacement of a damaged electrical tower, and restoration of power to the city today. Power is assessed at 40% of requirement, but exceeding pre-war levels.

United Kingdom fuel tankers are now traveling to Basra with support to provide regular supplies of fuel to Amarah residents.


The Motor Vessel Rise has completely offloaded. Civil Affairs personnel coordinated with the town council for delivery of 1000 lbs of sugar.

Civil Affairs officials coordinated delivery of 500 gallons of machine lubricating oil from the port to the town's electric generators.

Civil Affairs officials met with representative from Institute of Asian Culture and Development to coordinate logistical needs, and arrange for a team of 10 doctors that will see patients for a 5-day period starting May 15.


Marine Civil Affairs personnel developed a public service announcement that addresses key issues such as education concerns, police hiring, and salary distribution.

7th Engineer Support Battalion participated in a humanitarian assistance visit to the teaching hospital , and Marine civil affairs representatives assisted 5th Marine Regiment medical staff in a process to identify reliable hospital employees.

Governance Support Team personnel: (1) met with the Water Department Technical Division to discuss the availability of chlorine for water treatment, assess resupply stocks, and to establish a process of periodic checks to ensure adequate supplies of chlorine are maintained; (2) met with Ministry of Agriculture officials to review the entire crop food production process from planting to final distribution, and provide detail to form the basis of a deliberate assessment.


Civil Affairs officials met with the Assistant Governor, and participated in a review of his plans for restructuring of the current governmental administration, which should provide the basis for effective civil governance in the foreseeable future..

Governance Support Team personnel met with members of the Human Rights Association and the leaders of four local tribes to discuss how the tribal leaders may be used as a constructive conduit to build cooperation, understanding, and trust between the transitional authority and the citizens of Hillah.

Civil Affairs personnel assisted electrical and glass contractors to assess needs and compile estimates for improvements to the two local fire stations.

The Marine Corps gave out awards to 9 Iraqi police officers at the center city substation for bravery displayed in the apprehension of two wanted men.

Governance Support Team personnel: (1) completed the twenty-dollar ORHA payment to all 318 Department of Agriculture, and 400 Department of Education employees; (2) hosted a meeting of World Food Program (WFP) personnel with Disaster Assistance Response Team, and ORHA representatives to discus bulk shipments of wheat, rice, and flour, and maximizing the productivity and security of WFP warehouses and silos.


The 3d Marine Air Wing Medevac'd an Iraqi boy with an urgent, penetrating eye injury from Tallil to an Army hospital at Kuwait International airport for immediate surgery. The father was permitted to accompany the boy.


The 308th Civil Affairs Brigade reported that the first Humanitarian Assistance supply flight from the US arrived today. A McDonnell- Douglas MD-11 of medical supplies completed a flight from Atlanta to Baghdad via Spain.

Virgin Airlines announced their intent to fly a major shipment of Medical Aid to Iraq, this time to Baghdad. They have been overwhelmed with offers of support following the publicity of their first flight to Basra.

V Corps Division engineers repaired 44 power lines yesterday and conducted assessments of 7 facilities.

The 18th Military Police provided 12 security teams to escort fuel trucks 17 fuel trucks from a fuel plant to various fuel distribution points within the City of Baghdad


Civil Affairs teams with the 7th Marine Regiment: (1) supervised the police department as they began the third iteration of the police-training program; (2) escorted a one-week supply (11 benzene gasoline trucks) into Karbala, (3) met with the Karbala judges and presented them the "Agreement to Disavow Party Affiliation" for signature denounce the Ba'ath Party, Saddam Hussein and his regime, and (4) loaned water-testing equipment to the water treatment plant so their fluid specialist could test the water system.


Marines are facilitating the plan s for large-scale sanitation and sewage rehabilitation projects for the city.

CA conducted the first day of payments of the $20.00 ORHA stipend for As Samawah.


Marines of the 7th Regiment met with a trucking company to negotiate a contract for 6 private trucks to supplement the 4 government trucks that deliver diesel fuel to the electricity-generating turbine. We continue to assess the natural gas supply.


Marines of the 23rd Regiment met with Directors of the Water and Sewer Departments of Wasit Governate and obtained 2,000,000 dinars to begin restoration of several water and sewer vehicles and pump stations.

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