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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

May 1997

  • NEWS AND VIEWS Summaries of and links to online news reports and commentaries, including: Military foresees contest in space for the `ultimate high ground', NUCLEAR DISARRAY, RUSSIA * ATOM * WEAPONS * ARBATOV * OPINION, RUSSIA * LATVIA * RADAR STATION, Honeymoon's over: Troubles galore since last shuttle-Mir docking, The U.S. And Russia -- Lost In Space, Russian spy ship reportedly fired laser, injured Canadian, U.S.officers, U.S. might seek to oust Saddam - Kuwait envoy. May 14, 1997.
  • NEWS AND VIEWS Summaries of and links to online news reports and commentaries, including: Russia praises Iraq, favors more oil sales, RUSSIA * IRAQ * MEETING, RUSSIA * IRAQ * MEETING, RUSSIA * IRAQ * MEETING * RESULTS. May 9, 1997
  • CLINTON REPORT ON IRAQ'S NON-COMPLIANCE WITH UN RESOLUTIONS Washington May 8, 1997 -- "Saddam Hussein remains a threat to his people and the region and the United States remains determined to contain the threat of Saddam's regime," President Clinton said in his May 8 report to Congress on the status of efforts to obtain Iraq's compliance with the resolutions adopted by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).
  • EKEUS: IMPORTANT WORK AHEAD FOR U.N. COMMISSION ON IRAQI WEAPONS United Nations -- Outlining the task of finding the whereabouts of lethal biological weapons that may remain in Iraq, the head of the Special Commission overseeing the destruction of Iraqi weapons (UNSCOM) discussed his successes and disappointments May 1 as he prepared to turn over the reins of the unique, ground-breaking arms control operation to a successor. Judy Aita USIA - 02 May 1997
  • AMBASSADOR GNEHM STATEMENT ON IRAQI SANCTIONS REVIEW - 01 May 1997 United Nations -- "... Until Iraq shows a fundamentally changed approach to its obligations, there is no basis on which to discuss the modification of the sanctions regime," Ambassador Edward W. Gnehm, Jr., United States Deputy Representative in the United Nations, said May 1.

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