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Title:  "Bush Cites 'Solid' World Consensus on Iraq." In a meeting with leaders of the Arab-American community, President Bush said that he will not yield "one inch" from world demands that Iraq withdraw completely and unconditionally from Kuwait. (900924)

Translated Title:  "Irak: le Consensus Est General." (900924)
Date:  19900924


09/24/90 * (FRENCH COMING)

BUSH CITES 'SOLID' WORLD CONSENSUS ON IRAQ (Says U.S. will not yield "one inch") (660) By Alexander M. Sullivan USIA White House Correspondent

WASHINGTON -- President Bush told Arab Americans September 24 that he will not yield "one inch" from world demands that Iraq withdraw completely and unconditionally from Kuwait.

While acknowledging that negotiations can sometimes bring progress, Bush said he would not "undermine the solid consensus that exists" in the international community by considering them now. "We're not going to yield one inch," he declared, on the principles underlying U.S. involvement in Saudi Arabia's defense. The president said the principles include unconditional Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait and restoration of the legitimate Kuwaiti government.

An additional objective, Bush said, is the "new world order" that might emerge from the crisis. "The extent of world cooperation in condemning Saddam Hussein is literally unprecedented," he said, raising the possibility of a new society in which "the nations of the world -- East and West, North and South -- can prosper and live together."

The president, in a meeting with leaders of the Arab- American community, told one person demanding a negotiated settlement that his "objective is to see that naked aggression does not pay off." He said there could be "no negotiations" until there is Iraqi "withdrawal from Kuwait."

Bush said he is "always willing to talk," but noting concerted United Nations action, he added, "There can be no negotiation in terms of the criteria" set by the Security Council. "We can't talk about dividing up Kuwait," he said, "or permitting this aggression to stand in any way." While saying negotiations might take place at some point after withdrawal, Bush added: "You've heard reiteration over and over again from this dictator that they'll never withdraw. So it's going to take a little time before there can be any fruitful and serious negotiation."

He said attempts at negotiation by the Arab League and others have foundered "because of this man's insistence on remaining in Kuwait."

GE 2 AEF118 Bush acknowledged that neither Iraq nor Kuwait was a "model of democracy," but he asserted that was not the matter at issue in U.N. condemnation of Baghdad's actions. "The question," the president asserted, is "international law and respect for one's neighbor."

Asked if there could not be early negotiations with Baghdad, Bush replied, "No, no negotiations. Withdrawal totally from Kuwait."

Bush insisted he would not link solution of the Persian Gulf crisis with settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as Saddam Hussein has demanded, but said he wants implemented U.N. Resolution 242, with its call for an exchange of occupied territory for peace and for recognition of the right of Israel to exist as a nation.

"First we have to take care of the situation that exists right now," he said, "because of naked aggression of one country against another. That cannot be permitted to stand."

The president charged that Iraq has refused international supervision for distribution of humanitarian food aid. He said the people "suffering the most" are the "poorest of the poor," Asians who had been working in Kuwait before the invasion. "We want to get the food to those that need it.... I'm less interested in feeding Saddam's army at this point." He identified the Asians as persons from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. He noted the U.N. Security Council had set the provision for international supervision of any food distribution.

Bush said any "new world order" to emerge from the gulf crisis must provide for restoration of Lebanon's sovereignty through peaceful means. "One of the great frustrations of my job," he said, "is my inability to help bring peace to Lebanon. We think we can use this new world order that might emerge if we all stay together to be a catalyst for peace in the Lebanon." NNNN

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