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Title:  "No Compromise on Ending Iraqi Aggression, Bush Says." (900827)

Translated Title:  "Irak: Les E-U ne Transigeront pas." (900827)
Date:  19900827


08/27/90 1Me Re NO COMPROMISE ON ENDING IRAQI AGGRESSION, BUSH SAYS (International law "not negotiable") (830) By Alexander M. Sullivan USIA White House Correspondent

Kennebunkport, Maine -- President Bush ruled out any possibility of compromise August 27 on rolling back Iraqi aggression against Kuwait.

"There is no room for compromise or negotiation," Bush told questioners, on the basic principles enunciated in a series of United Nations resolutions -- Iraq's unconditional withdrawal from Kuwait and restoration of the emirate's legitimate government.

The president spoke with reporters after his initial business meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Mulroney, who is at Bush's home on Walker's Point for a two-day business and recreational visit.

Reminded that his national security adviser had described Saddam Hussein as being trapped "in a box" by world opinion, Bush was asked if there is "a way out beyond unconditional surrender" for the Iraqi dictator. "Certainly not on the U.N. position," Bush responded. "The position of international law is not negotiable."

Bush said he believed that was what British Prime Minister Thatcher had in mind in seeming to reject talks with Iraq. "I would agree with that," he said of Thatcher's view. "The United Nations has spoken....There is no room for compromise or negotiation on that point."

He said the questioner might have had in mind "flexibility" in the position of the United States and other nations with forces in the gulf region. "There is no flexibility," he asserted, "on Iraq getting out of Kuwait and the rulers being permitted to come back to Kuwait."

Bush rejected suggestions that there are differences emerging among the 22 nations committed to enforcing the U.N. embargo against commerce with Iraq.

"Any nuances of difference," he said, "are so overwhelmed by the common ground that they are almost meaningless, the way I view it. I think the thing of note is, how together everybody is, not that there might be a nuance of difference."

GE 2 POL107 Mulroney agreed, terming the notion that the Soviet Union would be joining the United States and other nations in opposing a former ally, Iraq, would have been considered ludicrous just two years ago. He called the unanimity of the U.N. Security Council "an historic achievement by the United Nations, by members of the (Atlantic) alliance, and by the president of the United States. It's a remarkable achievement."

Bush said it is "inconceivable" to him that U.N. Secretary General Perez de Cuellar would stray from the terms of the five unanimous Security Council resolutions condemning Iraq when he meets Iraqi Foreign Minister Aziz in Amman August 30.

"It's inconceivable to me that the secretary general, an experienced diplomat, a good leader, would do that," Bush declared. "He knows what the United Nations has done, he knows how unanimous the support has been, resolution after resolution....It's so clear, it's so obvious."

The president said he has "never seen the world community so closely aligned" as it is against Iraq.

He said that did not mean the United States is unwilling to discuss implementation of the U.N. resolutions, noting that the U.S. has a charge d'affaires there who is "a very able person. Let (Saddam Hussein) go talk to him....Clearly, what world opinion is saying and what the United Nations has said and what is now codified in international law is 'Out, Saddam Hussein, Iraqi, out of Kuwait.'"

Bush said there might be talks needed to achieve that aim, but he added, "that doesn't mean there should be compromise. Clearly, we would oppose any compromise on the fundamental principles that have been laid down by the United Nations."

The president said he could offer no comment on Soviet President Gorbachev's warning to Arab states to close ranks against Saddam Hussein, saying he had not seen a report on the comment. He noted that he has been "very pleased" with Soviet actions "at the United Nations and elsewhere."

He said he and Mulroney were gratified that so many Arab nations had joined in the opposition to Saddam Hussein's aggression. "It is not," Bush noted, "the Arab world against the United States" as Saddam Hussein has alleged. "It is the United States and most of the Arab world and Canada and other countries against this outrageous aggression."

The president told a questioner he does not "particularly see more hope now" for a diplomatic solution. "It's so clear what the world is demanding of Saddam Hussein" -- that he "get out of Kuwait and restore the rightful leaders

GE 3 POL107 to their place. The U.N. mandate is so clear, and Saddam Hussein has been so resistant, that I don't yet see fruitful negotiations."

Mulroney referred to Saddam Hussein as "a rogue leader who sought to annex another nation" and said the U.N. has "dealt effectively and well" with his aggression.

Bush described his talks with Mulroney as "fruitful," and Mulroney said there had been "an excellent discussion" on bilateral concerns as well as on the gulf. NNNN

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