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Title:  "Withdrawal Expected to Be Focus of UN-Iraqi Talks." The US expects UN Secretary General Perez de Cuellar to make Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait the focus of his talks with Iraqi Foreign Minister Aziz. (900827)

Translated Title:  "ONU-Irak: le Retrait Irakien au Coeur des Entretiens." (900827)
Date:   19900827


08/27/90 1Me Re WITHDRAWAL EXPECTED TO BE FOCUS OF U.N.-IRAQI TALKS (U.S. welcomes Perez de Cuellar mission) (950) By Alexander M. Sullivan USIA White House Correspondent

Kennebunkport, Maine -- The United States expects U.N. Secretary General Perez de Cuellar to make Iraqi withdrawal from Kuwait the "focus" of his talks with Iraqi Foreign Minister Aziz, the White House said August 27.

White House Press Secretary Marlin Fitzwater said several times that President Bush welcomes Perez de Cuellar's mission to Amman, where he is to meet Aziz August 30, and added that Bush expects to telephone Perez de Cuellar before the Aziz meeting.

Asked if Bush would ask the secretary general to restrict the discussion with Aziz to the five unanimous U.N. Security Council resolutions condemning Iraq's aggression, Fitzwater said, "We expect the focus to be on implementing the U.N. resolutions."

Fitzwater denied there is any difference in emphasis between the United States and Great Britain on Perez de Cuellar's discussions with Aziz. (Some have interpreted Prime Minister Thatcher's remarks as ruling out a diplomatic solution.) Acknowledging that each nation uses its own words, Fitzwater declared, "We think we are all consistent....The secretary general has offered to have discussions that relate to the implementation of these sanctions....What we have all said, using different words, is in one way or another exactly the same, in our viewpoint."

Fitzwater added that Bush is "quite comfortable" about Thatcher's comments, noting the president had talked to Thatcher and to Egyptian President Mubarak on August 26.

The world community, he said, is clear about its goals.

"The United Nations resolutions very precisely say what is required by the world community," Fitzwater pointed out. The resolutions, he said, "require the complete and unconditional withdrawal of Iraq from Kuwait. It is entirely appropriate for the secretary general to discuss those matters with the Iraqi authorities."

Fitzwater said Washington welcomes the initiative, adding Perez de Cuellar "has a good foundation" for the talks,

GE 2 POL102 "based on a series of United Nations Security Council resolutions. We expect these discussions to focus around the U.N. resolutions and to take place in the context of complete and immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Iraq from Kuwait."

Asked if Washington believes Perez de Cuellar to be "bound" by the resolutions, Fitzwater replied, "We expect the resolutions to be the focus of his conversations." As to whether that means Washington expects "no deviations" from the resolutions, Fitzwater replied, "He knows his latitude," adding that as secretary general, Perez de Cuellar "certainly knows the resolutions."

Fitzwater declined a request to characterize the mission as the "best hope" for a diplomatic solution to the gulf crisis caused by Iraq's August 2 invasion and subsequent occupation of Kuwait.

He said Bush is pleased by the actions thus far of the United Nations, which has invoked an embargo on commerce with Iraq and authorized use of force, if needed, to enforce the sanctions. He said the sanctions strategy is "beginning to take effect" inside Iraq, adding that Bush "is willing to give it time." He was not specific about the extent of Bush's forbearance. "We continue to pursue our strategy," he said.

Bush also is pleased that 22 nations, including Canada, have contributed forces to the gulf region, Fitzwater said. The president is meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Mulroney August 27-28 for a discussion of the gulf, trade and environmental matters. "Each nation has contributed in somewhat different fashion," Fitzwater noted, "according to their own needs and capabilities. We are quite pleased" by Canada's contribution of three naval vessels.

He said the Soviet Union "has a good record" in the crisis, having imposed an arms embargo on Iraq, a former ally; having voted for all the U.N. resolutions; and having undertaken active diplomacy by holding discussions with various European and Arab leaders. "These are highly welcome steps that maintain the use of sanctions and yet underscore everyone's search for a peaceful solution. The Soviet Union has been very helpful," Fitzwater said.

He said the United States is "disappointed" that Iraq has again broken its word in refusing to allow departure of all the dependents of U.S. diplomats from the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait; three were turned back at the Turkish border, he noted. The 52 who were allowed to depart are expected back in the United States August 28.

"We continue to urge the prompt and safe release of all Americans and foreign nationals" from Kuwait and Iraq, Fitzwater said. He said 63 Americans are missing or being

GE 3 POL102 held by Iraq, 41 in Iraq and 22 in Kuwait. Some of the foreign nationals being held hostage have been moved to Iraqi industrial sites, he said, presumably as shields against the possibility of a U.S. attack. There is no confirmation that any are Americans, he said.

The embassy in Kuwait remains open, he noted, even though Iraq has cut off water and electricity. He said the embassy has enough resources to hold out for several days; he would not be more specific.

Although the embassy is cut off by Iraqi troops, Ambassador Howell reports staff morale is high, he said. Other embassies -- all of which refused Iraqi demands to close because Iraq's annexation of Kuwait has been declared illegal by the United Nations -- are faring more poorly than the U.S. mission. Fitzwater said there are unconfirmed reports the Lebanese ambassador and his staff had been seized by the Iraqis and taken to Baghdad.

While U.S. vessels continue to "shadow" ships in the region, none has been boarded or intercepted in recent days, Fitzwater told a questioner. NNNN

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