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Title:  "Editorial: Bush on Iraq." US objectives remain clear: the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all Iraqi forces from Kuwait, the restoration of Kuwait's legitimate government, the security and stability of Saudi Arabia, and the prottion of the lives of American citizens abroad. (900816)

Translated Title:  "Irak: Le Point de Vue de President Bush." (900816)
Date:   19900816


08/16/90 1Me Op EDITORIAL: BUSH ON IRAQ (580)

(Following is an editorial, broadcast by the Voice of America August 16, reflecting the views of the U.S. government.)

Over the past 10 days, the United States has launched what history will judge as one of the most important deployments of allied military power since the Second World War. U.S. objectives remain clear: the immediate complete and unconditional withdrawal of all Iraqi forces from Kuwait; the restoration of Kuwait's legitimate government; the security and stability of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf; and the protection of the lives of American citizens abroad. The United States, said President George Bush, will achieve these goals.

The United States has worked for decades to develop an international order -- a common code and rule of law that promote cooperation in place of conflict. Without this order, peace and freedom are impossible. In defense of the rule of law, said President Bush, America stands where it always has -- against aggression.

Today, American and allied forces are keeping watch along the sands and off the shores of Saudi Arabia. They are there for a purpose: to serve the cause of justice and freedom -- a cause the world supports.

Saddam Hussein would have the world believe that his unprovoked invasion of a friendly Arab nation is a struggle between Arabs and Americans. That is clearly false. As President Bush said, it is Saddam who lied to his neighbors. It is Saddam who invaded an Arab state. It is Saddam who now threatens the Arab nation. By contrast, said President Bush, the United States seeks to assist its Arab friends in their hour of need.

Saddam has claimed this is a holy war of Arab against infidel. Yet as President Bush said, it is Saddam who has used poison gas against the men, women and children of his own country -- who invaded Iran in a war that cost the lives of more than half a million Muslims -- and who now plunders Kuwait. Atrocities have been committed by Saddam's soldiers and henchmen. The reports out of Kuwait tell a sordid tale of brutality.

GE 2 TXT401 Saddam would have the world believe that this is a struggle between the so-called "haves and have nots." But Iraq is one of the haves -- next to Saudi Arabia, Iraq has the largest oil reserves in the world. Yet thanks to Saddam's ruinous policies of war against other Muslims, he has transformed wealth into poverty. Sadly, said President Bush, it is the Iraqi people who suffer today because of the raw territorial ambition of Saddam Hussein.

U.S. action in the Gulf is not about religion, greed, or cultural differences -- as Iraq's leader would have the world believe. U.S. action in the Gulf is about fighting aggression -- and preserving the sovereignty of nations. It is about America's national security and interests and ensuring the peace and stability of the world. The United States has made its stand -- not simply to protect resources or real estate, but to protect the freedom of nations.

A half century ago, said President Bush, America and the world paid dearly for appeasing an aggressor who should -- and could -- have been stopped. The United States is not about to make the same mistake twice. The American people and America's allies are united in this cause. The vast majority of the Arab people support it. As President Bush said, no one should underestimate American determination to confront aggression. NNNN

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