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Iran Press TV

Iran hails China ties, blasts meddlesome GCC statement

Iran Press TV

Monday, 12 December 2022 11:03 AM

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kan'ani has hailed developing China-Iran relations and censured a joint statement that the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) issued recently in the presence of a Chinese official, stressing that interference in Iranian internal affairs is rejected.

Speaking to reporters at a weekly press conference on Monday, Kan'ani said that the relationship with the East Asian country is expanding, owing to the political will of the leaders of the two countries.

"Today we are hosting a Chinese delegation with the aim of developing relations between the two countries. We support developing relations and this is a common goal of the two countries," he stressed.

The Iranian official said that the comprehensive long-term cooperation program between Iran and China is a roadmap for good cooperation between the two countries, which is being implemented.

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Saudi Arabia on Friday, where he also sat down with leaders of the GCC countries. They issued a joint statement, which contained several clauses that directly dealt with Iranian affairs, its nuclear program, and its regional activities.

On Saturday, however, the Chinese envoy reaffirmed Beijing's respect for Iran's territorial integrity, saying Xi paid the visit to Riyadh at the time of the summit as part of Beijing's efforts to help further consolidate regional peace and stability, and to promote negotiation as an instrument of resolving the regional problems.

The ambassador said that Beijing's foreign policy towards the Persian Gulf region is based on "balance," adding that an upcoming visit to Iran by the Chinese deputy prime minister will prove this approach.

Kan'ani also refuted the content of the statement on several issues related to Iran.

He also said the claims mentioned in the statement regarding the trio of Iranian islands in the Persian Gulf amount to "interference in the territorial affairs" of Iran.

The spokesperson reassured that the three Persian Gulf islands of Abu Musa, the Lesser Tunb, and the Greater Tunb are inseparable parts of Iran.

"We consider the claims on these islands as interference in the internal affairs of Iran and strongly condemn such claims," he said.

The three islands of Greater Tunb, Lesser Tunb and Abu Musa - located in the Strait of Hormuz have been governed by Iran since 1971 but are claimed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as part of its territory.

Kan'ani also slammed disregarding Iran's commitment to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly known as the Iran nuclear deal, and international regulations.

He stressed that talks on the removal of the sanctions are limited to the nuclear issue and Iran would only accept continuation of the path in this way.

"Iran reiterates endogenous security and non-interference of foreigners in the internal affairs of regional countries," he reiterated.

The spokesman said the Islamic Republic underlines the importance of bringing security to the region solely through the region, and assured that the Iranian administration is faithful to its neighbors-first policy when dealing with regional issues.

New sanctions against EU countries

Elsewhere in his comments, Kan'ani announced that Iran responded to unconstructive actions by some countries in a timely manner.

"Due to the continued [misconduct] of these countries as well as the European Union, Iran has and will use its right to take preventive measures," he said.

"In this framework, we will announce and apply a list of new sanctions against some European officials and sanctions against some British institutions and officials of this country. Iran will not be influenced by political pressures aimed at obtaining points."

Legal action on foreign media lies

Referring to some media outlets that are spreading fake news and promoting acts of terrorism, including the Saudi-funded Iran International, Kanani said "We have expressed our opinions and taken actions regarding the London-based media."

Kan'ani said that Iran will resort to a legal framework to deal with such attempts of incitement carried out by foreign media.

'Press TV ban irresponsible, political'

Meanwhile, commenting on the ban on Press TV by some Western countries, the spokesperson said that Press TV, being the only important English-language channel in Iran, was "sanctioned many times during the past years in various ways ... in the hope that it would not be able to freely carry out its news work."

"In our opinion, this action is irresponsible and completely political, which is against international regulations," he said.

"Such action is totally contrary to the rhetoric of these countries raise. While this network has acted transparently and responsibly," Kan'ani concluded.

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