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Iran's private banks pioneers in trade with Russia

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

Mon / 11 July 2022 / 15:43

Tehran (ISNA) - A meeting was held with the presence of Salim Alizadeh, the representative of the International Association of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation in Iran, and Daniyal Sojodi, the Secretary General of the IranSCOCOEX event.

According to the information headquarter of the IranSCOCOEX event, the representative of the International Association of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation in the Islamic Republic of Iran raised issue regarding on what base the long-term and short-term plan of Iran to develop expand the export and import's infrastructures between Iran and Russia is set up.

Daniyal Sojudi, the Secretary General of Iran SCOCOEX event, with pointing out that the trade between Iran and Russia involves short-term, long-term and medium-term aspects said, "Transportation and business remittances as well as legal issues are the most important trade issues between Iran and Russia".

He declared, "At the moment we have many problems in the matter of money transferring. The number of companies that have business cooperation with Russia is going to decrease, however some of these problems are due to the private sector and the others back to governmental laws.

The Secretary General of IranSCOCOEX event referred to Iran's culture and tourism issues and said, "Iran has cultural considerable capacities and can enter to this field as well".

Moreover in the economic diplomacy and political diplomacy subjects the necessary actions should be taken, on the other hand, in the tourism and health fields , there are many capacities that both Russia and Iran should investment into the challenges, capacities along with strengths of these sectors and come to a logical consequence finally.

Sojudi in response to the question of the representative of the International Foreign Policy Association of the Russian Federation in Iran regarding Iran's plan to transfer peaceful technologies to increase the performance of production lines from Russia, said, "Iran is greatly developed in the field of knowledge-based companies and pharmaceutical companies which definitely make us to take advantage of the existing capacities in this field".

"In the field of pharmaceutical issues, the capabilities, raw materials, common points and strengths of Iran and Russia should be investigated and identified so that able us to have peaceful relations."

Sojudi in reply to Alizade's question that if the problem of remittance be solve how far it will lead to an increase in trade relations between the two countries, said, "Currently the establishment of a common currency gateway is a very important issue for both countries, in which private banks are supposed to be pioneers and state banks have not seen in this business package".

According to him, the creation of a common currency port is not inflationary at all and is the foundation of the currency value maintenance.

On the other hand, by creating this portal that both the Russian side in Iran and the Iranian side in Russia can invest their money in financial transactions, the creation of this common payment port has a written legal framework and infrastructure that needs to be further investigated, and the expected time is within three months.

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