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Iranian tanker production for Venezuela proves efficiency of Economy of Resistance policy: President Raisi

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

Sun / 12 June 2022 / 13:27

Tehran (ISNA) - Iranian President said, "The construction and delivery of the 113,000-ton tanker to Venezuela, in addition to helping the country achieve its goal of independence in maritime transport, shows once again that the will and unity of the warrior and revolutionary nations and governments is stronger and more effective than Americans' sanctions".

The second Aframax tanker built by the Iranian Marine Industrial Company (Sadra), which was ordered by Venezuela, was delivered to Venezuela by the Iranian Oil Company on Saturday in the presence of Ayatollah Ebrahim Raisi and Nicolas Maduro, the presidents of Iran and Venezuela.

Ayatollah Raisi said, "We will take the delivery of this tanker on the birthday of the 8th Imam as a good sign and I sincerely thank all those involved in the Iranian company Sadra".

Expressing satisfaction with the delivery of the tanker to Venezuela, the President described the country as a friendly and brotherly and said, "In a situation where the enemies of Iran and Venezuela are trying to impede the progress of the free nations of Iran and Venezuela by imposing severe restrictions and sanctions, the delivery of the 113,000-ton tanker built by Iranian engineers and shipbuilding industries to Venezuela is an example of Iran's high capacity and capability in exporting technical and engineering services to the world and proving the efficiency of the policy of The Economy of Resistance".

"The construction and delivery of this tanker, which has also been approved by the Venezuelan Technical and Engineering Group, in addition to helping the Venezuelan government achieve its goal of independence in maritime transport, shows once again that the will and the unity of warrior and revolutionary nations and governments is far stronger and more effective than American sanctions," said Raisi.

The President continued, "On the other hand, Iran and Venezuela, as two complementary and supporting economies, will be able to move towards the welfare and development of their nations by completing and linking supply chains in both countries. This kind of cooperation is a good model for all developing and independent countries to see that great things can be done through cooperation and interaction".

Ayatollah Raisi stressed, "Two more oil tankers are under construction, which I hope will be ready for delivery to Venezuela soon".

Venezuelan President, for his part, praised the construction of the tanker and said, "Seeing this ship with a capacity of 800,000 barrels, the first thing that came to my mind was the face of our beloved leader, Commander Chavez, whose soul I am sure is smiling at this moment".

Nicolas Maduro added, "The production of the tanker for the Venezuelan state oil company was Commander Chavez's plan to strengthen our country's oil industry, to make it self-sufficient in the face of all foreign aggression".

He emphasised, "The construction of this modern and strong ship shows the high capability of the extraordinary and admirable industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran is one of the emerging powers of the 21st century and the construction of this ship is one of the practical and clear signs of this emerging power".

Addressing the President of Iran, he said, "On behalf of the people of Venezuela and all the men and women, employees and workers of the Venezuelan National Oil Company, we thank you for delivering this ship. This is a great achievement".

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