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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Israel Simulates Strikes Against Iran in Largest Drills in Its History

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Tim Korso

Earlier, the Israeli prime minister declared in his address to Knesset that Iran's "immunity", which it allegedly enjoyed, was "over". He further promised that those, who send "terrorists" to hit Israel would "pay the full price".

The Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have conducted their largest military drills as a part of the month-long Chariots of Fire war game, which involved dozens of IAF fighter jets, transport planes, refuelling aircraft, naval units, cyber defence forces and thousands of soldiers.

Drills were carried out in the Mediterranean Sea and in Cyprus, with the IDF practising various scenarios, including fighting against Hezbollah in Lebanon-like terrain, fighting militants in urban areas and simulating striking targets in Iran.

"We're talking about the peak of one of the largest and most widespread exercises ever done throughout the years [...] the IDF will strike back harshly towards whoever threatens the citizens of the state of Israel," Defence Minister Benny Gantz has stated during his visit to Cyprus on 1 June.

The IDF said that the Chariots of Fire drills play an important role in "maintaining the readiness" of the Israeli military in a variety of operational scenarios.

Israel repeatedly made hints that it does not rule out an option of military strike against Iran if it believes that Tehran is close to building a nuke. The Islamic Republic repeatedly stated that it doesn't seek to build one.

In his recent address to the Knesset, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett declared that Iran has lost the "immunity", which it allegedly enjoyed by using various "proxies". Bennett further claimed that everyone who finances "terrorists" and send them to hit Israel would "pay the full price". The prime minister did not elaborate on his threats.

His address followed the daring assassination of an IRGC member in the middle of the day in Tehran. Hassan Sayad Khodai was shot dead by two motorcyclists as he was about to leave his car. Iran accused Israel of organising the plot to kill Khodai, with state media reporting that the IRGC arrested culprits allegedly linked to the assassination several hours later.

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