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Rouhani: World has no choice but to reach an agreement with Iran and lift sanctions

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, April 26 - IRNA -- President Hassan Rouhani on Monday referred to the talks on reviving Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action in Vienna and said that Vienna negotiations show Iran's power and the world has accepted that there is no other way but to agree with Iran and lift sanctions today and this is a great success for the Iranian people.

President Rouhani in a group meeting with economic activists on Monday stated that the purpose of Trump's economic war against the Iranian people was collapsing the country and overthrowing the regime, saying that today with resistance of the people and the Supreme Leader's instructions as well as the efforts made, the whole world and the United States itself acknowledge the defeat of the economic war.

Referring to the difficult economic conditions of the country and the fact that the economy has been at the forefront and resisted, Rouhani said if we want Iran to progress we must improve and promote the scientific and economic position of the country.

The President said that in all economic decisions in the government, I emphasized that the opinion of economic activists should be taken into account in the decision-making process. He added despite the proved importance of using modern science in economic management, the significance of experience in improving the quality of economic management can in no way be excluded.

The President praised the strong and effective presence of the private sector in the economic success of the 11th government and stated that while in the years 2007 to 2013 the country's net employment rate was almost zero; in the 11th government we were able to reach an average net employment rate of 700,000 jobs per year.

Rouhani said that in spite of many problems at the beginning of the 11th government, there was hope and a positive view on the future in society. He added the government's aim was to maintain and develop nuclear technology as well, but the progression of other economic and industrial fields should also be taken into consideration.

The President considered the preservation of high and elevated position of the country in various scientific, economic, technological and political fields as a necessity for the growth and development of the country and stated that the government's effort was to raise Iran's position in the region and in the world and although there was a misconception in the world that it was not possible to negotiate with Iran and come to a conclusion, the government corrected this misunderstanding.

"Along with the beginning of nuclear talks the world came to such conclusion", Rouhani stated. He further added that we also believe that we should solve our problems at home, but everyone should know that without foreign relationships progress and development would be impossible.

Stating that the development of activities and increasing the number of knowledge-based enterprises in the country has changed Iran's economy, the president continued: The best example to prove this claim was the performance of knowledge-based enterprises in the face of the corona outbreak.

Rouhani further clarified that today we are at a very important turning point; the presidential election of the year 2021 is a very crucial event for the country as a result of which it will be so important that who will come to power, with what thoughts and how he will think about the economy, foreign policy, regional issues and international issues.

The President emphasized that no one should be indifferent to the elections and its importance, and we should all prepare ourselves for a passionate, healthy and free elections and have a decisive presence in it.

In this meeting, 13 activists and members of economic organizations expressed their views and opinions on the economic performance of the government and the most important issues and problems in the field of economy before the president's speech.

Economic activists present at the meeting thanked the government's economic team for encountering both with the comprehensive and oppressive sanctions, as well as the spread of the corona in the country, and thanked the government for its patience, perseverance and diligent pursuit to maintain and restore the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Economic activists meeting with the president also criticized the instability of laws and regulations in some economic fields, and called for speeding up decision-making in some areas to deal more effectively with sanctions.


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