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Araghchi: Things proceeding under uttermost scrutiny

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, April 20, IRNA -- Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Seyyed Abbas Araghchi said in Vienna on Tuesday that Iran will not permit anybody to turn nuclear talks to lingering, or tiring negotiations, but will not neglect sensitive issues due to too much rush. Everything is proceeding towards goal under close scrutiny, he stressed.

Araghchi who was speaking at a press conference at the end of the JCPOA Joint Commission said that this session was in fact the sum-up of the six-day talks that the Iran-G4+1 had had in Vienna during the past fortnight, that include the practical move that the United States needs to make in termination of sanctions.

Iran's moves will come after justification about the termination of sanctions, he added.

He said that all those moves are being worked at; numerous drafts have been presented by different delegations and surveyed and hammered; and all our efforts are aimed at reaching a solid text in which America's duties will be precisely defined, as well as the moves that Iran has to make to return to full observation of its JCPOA commitments.

The Iranian top negotiator said that the exact mechanism of justification tests, too, need to be defined, as our moves are easy to trace, but the US moves' truthfulness need to verified form the very beginning. "Of course, the negotiations are tough, but we will for sure refrain from lingering negotiations, just as we will refrain from unnecessary rush.

*** Negotiations in need of close scrutiny

Araghchi emphasized that the Iranian delegation will pursue the talks with close care, reiterating: We will not all the same permit the other delegations to kill time and impose lingering, or long-term negotiations against us. Meanwhile we will refrain from unnecessary rush that might make us neglect a sensitive point and everything is proceeding under close scrutiny.

It is not any easy job; there are lots of problems, and precise defining of the moves to be made is in need of serious legal and technical work, that are all proceeding. I will also present a more detailed report of the accomplished task after my return to Tehran, he added.

The deputy foreign minister for political affairs said that the sensitive decisions are made in Tehran and the Iranian delegation pursues the negotiations according to those decisions and in line with securing the Iranian nation's rights.
*** Negotiations' atmosphere serious, practical, and professional

Asked about the time for the next round of talks in Vienna, Araghchi said: We are planning for retuning the delegations to Vienna next week, but it depends on the time needed for their reporting of the result of these negotiations to different capitals and surveyed.

Actions and moves of the Iranian delegation are in accordance with the decisions made in Tehran, and it is those decisions that make clear whether the negotiations will continue, or end, and if they are to be continued, how and under which framework. When such decisions will be made in Tehran and they are ready to be pursued we will return to Vienna with new directives for continuing the negotiations," said Araghchi.

He all the same stressed that for achieving success in the negotiations mere seriousness and satisfactory speed are not enough as there are also other factors involved.

***Step by step proposal out of question long ago
Araghchi said that the two sides need to comprehend each other's stands and try to proximate those stands, reiterating: We have fundamentals that cannot be breached. We are for instance seriously opposed to the step by step resolving of the problems. Of course the step by step process has been out of question for a long time and the negotiations are focused and designed on the last solid step of the two sides.

The mechanism for justification of the US moves need to be precisely defined and also the date for the US return to the JCPOA and full observation of its JCPOA commitments, after which Iran, too, will immediately return to observation of its full nuclear commitments.

Araghchi said that there are technical and legal minute points, on which are working now, and I cannot say whether the general atmosphere of the negotiations is positive, or negative, nut at any rate constructive, technical and professional job is being proceeded.

***Iran-IAEA disputes

Araghchi expressed hope that the disputes between Iran and the IAEA, will be resolved amid a constructive and unpolitical atmosphere.

He also hoped that the nuclear talks will proceed till reaching tangible results, leading to the termination of the unjust US sanctions against the Iranian nation, adding: It is still too soon to judge about the outcome of these talks, or saying whether were are optimist or pessimist, but we are paving the right path.

On Iran's next week talks with the IAEA, Araghchi said: Our cooperation with the agency continues. This cooperation has a very broad range and is inclusive of comprehensive cooperation. We have disputes with the agency in different fields, but this cooperation is proceeding on its natural path. There are talks for dispute resolving with the agency, which we hope will lead to satisfactory results.

Araghchi said that the IAEA officials are going to visit Tehran and that will accelerate the moves in that respect. "Our cooperation with the agency is on its natural path and we hope those dispute will be resolved amid a constructive and unpolitical atmosphere.


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