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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iran's 60% enrichment a response to malice: President Rouhani

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

Wed / 14 April 2021 / 15:49

Tehran (ISNA) - The President called Iran's move to begin 60% enrichment a response to the Zionist Regime's nuclear terrorism and said, "Iran's 60% enrichment was a response to malice. You cannot commit a crime. If you do, we will cut your hands. By replacing IR6 centrifuges with IR1 and 60% enrichment, we cut your both hands".

Speaking in the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani emphasized, "Our people should know that if one day they conspire against our nation and if the Zionists take action against us, we will respond and our first action was replacing IR1 with IR6".

Dr. Rouhani emphasized, "You want us to attend the negotiations with empty hands, but we attend the negotiations with full hands, and instead of 3.67% enrichment, we do 60% enrichment, but at the same time, our activities will be only and definitely peaceful and will continue to be under the supervision of the Agency".

"We are strong, we will negotiate with the United States and teach them a lesson, as we have done before. We have a strong logic for negotiation and we can persuade the enemy," said Rouhani.

Dr. Rouhani went on to say that the elections are a very important day for the country and the people, and that high turnout is very important, adding, "No faction or individual has the right to take people's livelihood hostage for the elections".

The President called for the end of the economic war and the cruel sanctions of the enemies saying, "We must cut off the hands of the oppressors who have taken people's lives hostage, even in the provision of vaccines and food".

"Some say that the hand of the oppressor should be cut off, but they consider a proper time for that, while the hand of the oppressor must be cut off immediately, and if we can do it an hour earlier, we must do it," he said.

Dr. Rouhani said, "Why are some afraid of negotiations and talks? We are strong even if we negotiate with the United States. As we negotiated in the JCPOA and showed them their place".

The President continued, "The Iranian nation is also capable in the field of production, advanced technologies, soft power and negotiation, because we have a strong logic with which we can teach the enemies a lesson".

The president added, "So do not be afraid of the Vienna talks. Some are afraid. They are worried that these negotiations would yield results soon and the sanctions would be lifted immediately, and therefore they may face problems in the elections. Negotiation has its own complexities".

Dr. Rouhani pointed out, "We are not in a hurry for negotiations and this depends on the other side. We are ready and we have made it clear. We say that the United States must implement the same conditions that we agreed upon according to Resolution 2231".

"Therefore, we have made it clear. As soon as the United States implements them and we see that it is right and operational, we will immediately return to all our commitments," he added.

Dr. Rouhani noted, "Those who want to disrupt the peaceful and legal activities of Iran, we will respond to them by acting within the framework of the law, and if the Zionists take action against the Iranian nation, we will definitely respond to them".

"They received the first response, and we cut off both their hands, but at the same time our activities are definitely and merely peaceful and under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency," said Rouhani.

The President added, "As soon as the other side returns to its obligations, we will return to ours as well, provided that we see in practice that the fulfillment of these obligations is real".

"Verifying this will not take much time. The fact that the Minister of Oil announces that he can sell oil and the Governor of the Central Bank says that he is able to transfer money easily, does not take long," said the President.

The President stated, "The framework of negotiations was clearly and explicitly defined by the Supreme Leader, and we will continue our activities within the same framework. The party that owes us is mainly the United States, and if they return to their obligations and waive the sanctions, they will see that we will return to all our obligations after the verification".

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