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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iran's entire nuclear activities peaceful, for non-military purposes: President Rouhani

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

Sat / 10 April 2021 / 16:27

Tehran (ISNA) - Emphasizing that all nuclear activities of the Islamic Republic of Iran are peaceful and are used for civilian purposes, the President said, "In this regard, our goals have been clear from the beginning and we have used nuclear technology in different parts of the country, including industry, agriculture, medicine and electricity".

Speaking on Saturday at the unveiling ceremony of the country's nuclear achievements in the 15th National Day of Nuclear Technology, President Hassan Rouhani added, "As the Supreme Leader of the Revolution has repeatedly emphasized, pursuing a destructive weapon that could be a big threat to a large society is basically forbidden in Islam and our jurisprudence, and Iran will never pursue them".

Dr. Rouhani went on to say that with the actions and efforts made in this government since 2015, Iran's nuclear activities became completely legal and the excuse was taken away from the enemies, saying, "One of the achievements of the JCPOA was that it made Iran's nuclear technology fully legal and reserved the rights of the Iranian nation".

The President called the concerns about Iran's nuclear activities unreasonable and added, "It was the same unreasonable concern that has been causing trouble for the Iranian nation for 15, 16 years and we are still talking to the world and the Americans to stop their illegal actions and if this misconception did not exist in their minds, we would not go through these problems".

Referring to the inauguration of national nuclear projects, Dr. Rouhani said, "The projects that are being inaugurated today are related to the nuclear industry as an important technology that has drawn the world's attention, which the Islamic Republic of Iran has pursued using it in the context of ethics and religious observances because of the sensitivities of the technology".

The president added, "But some countries and world powers express concern about the peaceful activities of Iran's nuclear programme, because they themselves have used this technology in other ways".

Reiterating that all of Iran's nuclear activities are peaceful and have peaceful aims, the President emphasized that we always have in mind the dangerous effects that we have seen more than half a century after the Americans' non-peaceful use of nuclear energy in Japan, adding, "The Islamic Republic of Iran has never had, and will not have, non-peaceful goals from its nuclear activities".

Dr. Rouhani stated that the Government of Prudence and Hope has taken two important steps in this regard along with the usual nuclear activities, saying, "Iran's nuclear activities have always been peaceful, but the enemies of this nation have passed several resolutions against these activities in the UN Security Council, which this government sent to the dustbin of history forever and legalized Iran's nuclear activities".

The president added, "On the other hand, contrary to the lies of some who claimed that this government has shut down the nuclear industry, this government has seriously and infrastructurally developed this technology".

Dr. Rouhani continued, "Some people always repeated the big lie that the government has sold the nuclear industry in exchange for releasing sums from the blocked demands of the country abroad, which of course, most people never believed".

Dr. Rouhani referred to the launch of the IR6 centrifuge chain at today's ceremony and said, "The production capacity of these centrifuges is 10 times more than IR1 centrifuges and the next generation of centrifuges that are under research and construction have 50 times the production capacity of the country's first centrifuges".

The President praised the development of technology in the nuclear sector throughout the country and added, "Today, production and progress in the nuclear industry continue together".

Dr. Rouhani continued his speech by emphasizing that the Islamic Republic of Iran has adhered to its commitments in the form of the NPT, stating, "This treaty has two parts. One part is the commitment of countries to merely peaceful activities and not deviating towards military purposes, and the other part is the mutual assistance of the world to the countries that adhere to the first part of the treaty".

The President stated, "The Islamic Republic of Iran has adhered to the NPT and today, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United States, European countries and the world must say how they have helped Iran in return for this commitment and whether the Agency considers monitoring as its only responsibility".

Dr. Rouhani pointed out, "The IAEA and European countries and the United States should know that they are indebted to Iran and should not feel that we owe them anything".

"Iran has even relied on itself in the field of enrichment and related activities, and is determined to take new steps in this direction," he added.

In the end, the President commemorated the martyrs of Iran's nuclear industry, and also thanked the officials, managers and nuclear specialists of the country.

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