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Iran Press TV

Zarif: Iran-China deal based on win-win approach in pursuit of shared interests

Iran Press TV

Thursday, 01 April 2021 7:05 AM

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has shed light on the 25-year cooperation roadmap recently signed by Iran and China, saying the historic document has been drafted based on "mutual respect" and a "win-win" approach in pursuit of common interests.

In a post on his Instgram page on Thursday, Zarif offered a summary of the goals, principles and features of the agreement, the details of which have not been released, saying the agreement seeks a "practical promotion" of strategic ties and offers "a roadmap and long-term horizon" towards that goals.

It also paves the ground for an all-out development of cooperation between the two ancient Asian civilizations in the fields of trade, economy, politics, culture, defense and security, he added.

During a ceremony in Tehran on Saturday, Zarif and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi put their signatures on the Sino-Iranian Comprehensive Strategic Partnership to strengthen the traditional friendship between the two countries.

The deal, which had been in the making for five years, unites the two adversaries of the United States in advancing their strategic interests to the detriment of Washington.

The top Iranian diplomat further said that the principles of the document include "mutual respect and the pursuit of common interests in a win-win manner regarding bilateral, regional and international relations."

The landmark deal, he said, recognizes cultural commonalities, strengthens multilateralism, supports the right of governments to enjoy equal sovereignty and an indigenous development model.

Zarif also highlighted the politico-strategic characteristics of the agreement such as the expansion of exchanges and consultations in regional and international institutions as well as the enhancement of defense and counter-terrorism infrastructure.

Among the economic features, he referred to joint products, cooperation in oil, industry, mining and energy-related sectors, and Iran's contribution to China's Belt and Road Initiative.

In the cultural filed, the document focuses on boosting mutual recognition through the promotion of public exchanges, tourism, media, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), friendship associations and academic cooperation, according to the Iranian foreign minister.

He also explained wrong perceptions about the Iran-China deal, saying, "This document is not a contract and a convention. It creates no obligation for neither party, rather, it paints a perspective of relations."

"The document does not assign any region or even a location and does not create any exclusive rights in any field," he added. "The deployment of military force is not foreseen in this document and there is no possibility for taking over a base."

Zarif said, "This document is not against any third party or for interfering in the affairs of any country."

The Instagram post was apparently a response to the hype mainly in the pro-West mainstream media, which have been trying feverishly to tarnish the Iran-China agreement by spreading rumors and allegations that Tehran would give great concessions to Beijing under the document, such as potential cession of strategic Persian Gulf islands to China.

Tehran has repeatedly rejected such rumors as baseless.

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