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Approval of anti-Iranian draft UNSC resolution blatant violation of JCPOA: President Rouhani

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

Wed / 12 August 2020 / 16:26

Tehran (ISNA) – Iran's President described bringing up the issue of this government or that government by some people in recent days is ugly, irrational and childish and emphasized, "This government or that government is meaningless, we are a single nation and we stand against an enemy".

Speaking in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Dr. Hassan Rouhani said, "The government is trying to control liquidity, severely confront the oil embargo, create a budget balance between revenues and expenditures, and create secure capital for the people".

Stating that in the most difficult conditions in the history of the country and under the economic pressure of the enemies, we are running the country, Dr. Rouhani said, "Comparing the conditions of war with the conditions of peace is a mistake. Do not play on the enemy's ground because the enemy wants to instil that he has won economically, politically and socially, and we want to prove in practice that the enemy has failed".

Emphasizing that the enemies sought to create economic, social and security crises in the country but failed, the President addressed those who speak of "this government and that government", and said, "We are a single nation and we are standing against an enemy".

Explaining the government's extensive measures in the country's infrastructure and development areas, Dr. Rouhani said, "Tomorrow, 23,000 hectares of agricultural land equipped with modern irrigation methods will be put into operation, and all the actions of this government mean that the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran will not fail despite US economic pressures".

Stating that the enemies in their propaganda want to make us unaware of an important issue and unfortunately it is sometimes ignored at home, Dr. Rouhani said, "We are running the country under the most severe economic sanctions in history and our situation is not normal. The enemies thought that we would not be able to withstand the sanctions for a few months".

Pointing out that today, for about two and a half years, we have stood firm against this terroristic economic pressure and continued our path, the President said. "Today, we are on the battlefield and of course our presence on this battlefield also has problems as well".

Dr. Rouhani said, "The Americans, the Zionists and the reactionaries in the region thought that with the sanctions of 2018, they could cause us an economic crisis, and this economic crisis would turn into a social crisis, and the social crisis would turn into a security crisis, but they failed in all three stages".

Emphasizing that comparing the conditions of war with the conditions of peace is a mistake, the President said, "Economic growth with oil during the time span of 2014 to 2017 was an average of 5 percent, and in one of the years we experienced 14 percent economic growth. Undoubtedly, when we talk about economic growth with oil and oil is boycotted, economic growth becomes negative growth".

Stating that this government has taken over the country in the conditions of negative growth of 7.4 percent, he said, "Until 2018, when the sanctions were not severe, we ran the country with an average growth of 5 percent, and if we exclude the oil on which the sanctions were mainly based, when we calculate economic growth without oil, despite the pressures in 2019, economic growth was 1.1".

"The enemy wants to instil to the people that he has won economically, politically and socially, and we want to prove it in practice that the enemy has failed," he said.

Emphasizing that the government has done its best in the economic sector to counter sanctions, Dr. Rouhani said, "The government wants to balance resources and expenditures in its budgets and provide safe capital for the people who look to the future".

Dr. Rouhani said, "We promised people that we would not give up under sanctions, and we promised that the United States would fail in its plan to defeat the nation economically".

The President stated: "All the actions taken by the government mean that the Islamic Republic of Iran will not fail in the economic sector despite US pressure."

Referring to the government's economic plan to sell oil to the people, Dr. Rouhani said, "People can make purchases in the stock market that are safe for their assets. The purpose of the ETF shares is to be sold at a discount in September is to let people know that gold coins and dollars are not a place to invest, but the stock market and buying oil are a place to invest, and we want to help people in a safe way".

In another part of his speech, the President said that the United States has always been unsuccessful in its plans against the Iranian nation in the political sector over the past two and a half years, adding, "The United States has so far failed in all of its plans. The convening of a meeting of the UN Security Council, chaired by the President of the United States and opposed by all 14 members, is one of the historic failures that the United States had never seen in its history".

Dr. Rouhani added, "Yesterday, the United States proposed a resolution to undermine the JCPOA and Resolution 2231, because according to the deal and this resolution, the arms embargo on Iran will be lifted soon and Iran can buy and sell weapons, so the United States has prepared a draft resolution against this part of Resolution 2231 to violate it. Of course, we have high hopes that the United States will fail in this plan as well and will see its defeat and isolation once again".

The President stated, "Our position on this resolution is clear. If a resolution is passed against a part of Resolution 2231, it will mean a blatant violation of the UN Security Council, and the consequences will be borne by its perpetrators".

"I believe that the United States will fail in all its actions," said Dr Rouhani, adding, "Last year, it carried out all these plans against the Iranian nation and the region, and why is it taking action against the Iranian nation today and presenting a draft resolution against a part of JCPOA? It is clear that they are not telling the truth and they are not keeping their promise".

"The United States has failed to align world public opinion with itself, and today the whole world feels that Iran is a law-abiding, moral, political, and committed country," he said.

Dr. Rouhani continued his speech by stating that the United States, with its provocations, seeks to exert internal pressure on the Iranian nation and create a gap in society, he said, "The Americans have been unsuccessful in this plan until today and will be unsuccessful until the end".

The President emphasized, "The Americans will undoubtedly fail if they want to create a gap among the Iranian nation and among the three branches and the government and within the Iranian society, because today there is unity and empathy between the Iranian nation and the people and the three branches".

In another part of his speech, the President called on neighbouring countries to be vigilant so that lest the United States want to abuse them, and said, "I say this in a friendly manner to some southern neighbours who know well that Iran's defines and weapons power is in favour of the whole region, and we use weapons to defend ourselves and our power is not against you. You have to be careful of those who plunder your resources and sell you weapons to bomb your neighbour".

Dr. Rouhani noted, "When Saddam invaded Kuwait, we were the first country to condemn this action even before the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council, and in practice we helped the people of Kuwait and showed that we seek stability in the region. Perhaps if we had given Saddam the green light, the day after the invasion of Kuwait, he would have occupied all of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE".

Addressing some neighbouring countries, the President said, "Certainly, if we did not stand for the stability of the region, you would not be here today. So we have always been your supporter and brother".

Dr. Rouhani stated, "Know that the United States will be unsuccessful against Iran and Iran will be successful in what it pursues in accordance with the law, regulations and national interests".

The President continued his speech at the government meeting on Wednesday, referring to last week's tragic incident in Lebanon and said, "We believe that today is not the time for anyone to take advantage of the Lebanese incident. Today is the day to help the Lebanese people and the Islamic Republic of Iran from the early hours after this incident, it sent its aid to this country, including medicine, equipment and essentials needed by the people".

Saying that we want other countries to help the Lebanese people, Dr Rouhani said, "Today, Lebanon needs unity and help, and we are sure that the great people of this country will come out of this incident successful and will go through these difficult days".

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