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Iran Press TV

US introduces anti-Iran resolution to extend arms embargo on Tehran

Iran Press TV

Wednesday, 05 August 2020 9:39 PM

The Untied States has introduced an anti-Iran resolution in the UN Security Council in an attempt to extend a soon-to-expire arms embargo on the country.

"We have tabled a resolution that we think accomplishes what we think needs to be accomplished," said Brian Hook, the hawkish US special representative for Iran, at the virtual Aspen Security Forum on Wednesday.

He further claimed that, "The easy way is to do a rollover of the arms embargo," he said. "It's not difficult. There's all the reasons in the world to do it. But we will do this, one way or another."

He further repeated the longtime US allegation that Tehran is pursuing atomic bombs by its nuclear program.

"For as long as Iran is allowed to enrich, we're going to be having this discussion: How close is Iran to a nuclear breakout? ... We need to restore the UN Security Council standard of no enrichment," Hook alleged.

Russia and China have vowed to use their veto power at the Security Council in case Washington can secure at least nine votes in favor of the anti-Iran measure, a scenario touted as unlikely.

US hawkish Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also told reporters that the measure is "eminently reasonable," alleging that "one way or another we will do the right thing."

"The Security Council's mission is to ensure international peace and security," claimed the former CIA chief. "The council would make an absolute mockery of that mission if it allowed... [Iran] to buy and sell weapons freely."

He also threatened Tehran with more sanctions through a mechanism embedded within the Iran nuclear deal, from which the US has unilaterally withdrawn.

"We're deeply aware that snapback is an option that's available to the United States, and we're going to do everything within America's power to ensure that that arms embargo is extended," he claimed. "I am confident that we will be successful."

Washington has stepped up calls for the extension of the UN arms embargo on Iran, which will expire in October under UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which endorses Iran nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

The Trump administration has threatened that it may seek to trigger a snapback of all sanctions on Iran if its attempts to extend the arms embargo fail.

Tehran, however, has firmly rejected Washington's plans as the US is no longer a party to the nuclear deal ever since it withdrew from the multilateral agreement in 2018.

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