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Inducing gov't inefficiency enemies' main axis in psychological war: Iran President

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

Tue / 4 August 2020 / 14:57

Tehran (ISNA) - Emphasizing the need for cohesion, coordination and cooperation between all officials and bodies of the system to effectively counter psychological warfare operations, sanctions and distortion of enemies, Iran's President said, "The great Iranian nation has always supported the officials of the system and the country. Iran's great achievements are indebted to people's support and national vigilance, stability and endurance against the conspiracies and pressure of the enemies".

Speaking on Tuesday at the 157th meeting of the Government's Economic Coordination Board, Dr. Hassan Rouhani referred to the recent statements by the Supreme Leader regarding the sinister short-term and long-term goals of the long-time enemies of the Iranian nation to prevent economic progress, adding, "On this basis, the two currents of distortion and sanctions simultaneously seek to achieve this goal by stopping the country's economic movement and distorting the achievements and spreading despair about the future".

President Rouhani described making people disappointed and weakening the front line fighters of the economic battle as examples of the distortion current in an erosive, smart and hard economic war as the enemy's fifth column and added, "Given the signs of defeat and failure of the enemy in achieving their main goals in the economic warfare, inducing the inefficiency of the government and the system and distorting the capabilities and weakening the great achievements of the country and the nation, are the main axes of the psychological warfare of the enemies".

Referring to the efforts of a mysterious, disappointing and distorted current to create economic obstacles during the sanctions and to paint an ambiguous and unrealistic future of the country's situation, the President stated, "While the enemies of this nation and land have suffered the most failure, promotion of rumours by presenting false statistics and information and inducing incapacity and inefficiency and gap among the officials and the branches of the country and most importantly creating a gap between the people and the officials, is a kind of move towards the enemies' conspiracy against the country and the system".

President Rouhani emphasized, "The government has been able to manage the country with more than two and a half years of unprecedented pressure and full-scale economic war with a significant reduction in reliance on oil revenues, and in addition to providing essential necessities and basic goods needed by the people, it has continued non-oil exports and prevented the shutdown of production and rising unemployment".

Dr. Rouhani called the inauguration of large-scale projects in various sectors as a thorn in the enemies' side, and said, "Economic warmongers and those seeking to distort and impose sanctions are angry about our nation's capabilities and achievements, and are trying to induce the inefficiency of the government".

Referring to the severe damage caused by the outbreak of coronavirus to the world economy and even to the developed and powerful countries, the President stated, "Protecting people's health has been an undeniable achievement and, according to other countries, has had significant progress, but the current of distortions and sanctions is trying to deny and weaken this issue, which is a domestic and international achievement".

Dr. Rouhani continued, "Comparing the production situation in Iran with the fall of GDP in other countries, which has decreased by more than 10% in Europe and more than 30% in the United States, shows well that in this global crisis, Iran's economy is resilient and has shown higher efficiency".

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