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Enemies' plot to collapse Iranian economy will not succeed: President Rouhani

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

Sun / 5 July 2020 / 16:11

Tehran (ISNA) - "Despite the difficult economic situation caused by the economic war with the enemies over the past two years, the long-held aspirations of the people and the elites to achieve an oil-free economy have been founded, and despite the harsh economic shocks caused by the unjust sanctions and the outbreak of coronavirus, the trend of the main indicators of the country's economy in the production and export sectors is going well," said Iran's President.

Speaking on Sunday in the meeting of the cabinet's economic board, Dr. Hassan Rouhani stated that during the enemies' economic war and the crisis caused by the outbreak of coronavirus, people are in a difficult conditions, adding, "With the feelings that we have towards our homeland, system and Revolution, we will patiently endure the difficulties and hardships in the process of achieving the important goal of an oil-free economy, and victory on this path requires unity, cohesion and the support of all groups and people".

Pointing out that the enemies of this people and land are trying to undermine the experience of the oil-free economy in our country in a complicated psychological operation by intensifying economic pressures, the President said, "On the one hand, they have created problems for our oil exports".

"They are trying to prevent the transfer of our assets into the country, and on the other hand, they are insinuating day and night that the policies of the oil-free economy have not been successful, and that Iran's economy is collapsing under the sanctions, basing their claims on merely the recent fluctuations in the price of some goods and the currency rather than the main indices, while the main indicators prove their failure to defeat Iran," said the President.

Dr. Rouhani added, "Explaining and analysing the country's achievements in resisting sanctions and the realisation of an oil-free economy is not a celebration of the government's achievements, but a celebration of national dignity and interests".

Emphasizing the importance of the role of the media, especially the IRIB and the Internet in fighting the psychological warfare of the enemies, the President added, "The media should act intelligently and do not allow people to be affected by the psychological operations and incitement of the enemies against the country's economy".

Dr. Rouhani added, "In the past months with the closure of borders because of the outbreak of coronavirus, export and import of goods have been interrupted, but the honourable people of Iran must be sure that with the return of trade to the pre-coronavirus era, the export and import market will return to normal in the coming months and we will achieve stability in the economy and foreign exchange market".

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