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Iranian, Ukrainian diplomats discuss January plane incident

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

Wed / 10 June 2020 / 09:05

Tehran (ISNA) - A ranking Iranian diplomat and Ukraine's ambassador to Tehran have talked about various issues surrounding the January 8 crash of a Ukrainian passenger plane near Tehran.

Ukraine's Ambassador to Tehran, Sergei Burdyliak held a meeting with the Islamic Republic of Iran's deputy Foreign Minister for International and Legal Affairs, Mohsen Baharvand.

In the meeting, the two diplomats discussed the January crash of a Ukrainian jetliner near Tehran and the latest developments relating to the incident from various aspects.

In the gathering, the Iranian deputy Foreign Minister emphasized that he is prepared to hold talks with the Ukrainian officials at any time and any place to be determined by Ukrainians at the earliest possible moment in order to immediately resolve the issues about the black boxes of the plane, paying families of the victims compensation, and the other issues relating to the tragic incident.

In turn, the ambassador of Ukraine welcomed the proposal from the Iranian diplomat, saying he will immediately relay the idea to the relevant Ukrainian authorities and will later inform the Iranian side about the results.

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