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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

'A Hollywood tale', IRGC rejects US account of Persian Gulf encounter

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, April 19, IRNA -- Islamic Revolution Guard Corps' Navy rejected US account of its fast boats harassing US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf as "a fake Hollywood tale" in a statement on Sunday, stressing that any miscalculation by the US would be responded strongly.

The Fifth Fleet of the terrorist Navy of the United States as well as some of its political and military officials had previously made statements claiming that eleven fast boats of IRGC approached a group of US warships in northern Persian Gulf on April 15.

The Public Relations of IRGC Navy released a statement on Sunday and labeled the US account of the encounter as being 'a Hollywood tale'.

The IRGC statement said: "We recommend the US to obey International Law of the Sea and the maritime protocols when navigating in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman to avoid adventurism and fake accounts afterwards."

The statement further said: "We have been observing unprofessional behavior form the terrorist US Navy in the Persian Gulf in recent weeks that posed serious threat to the peace and security of the region."

IRGC Navy added that a warship belonging to US terrorists showed highly dangerous behavior, ignoring initial warnings, and blocked the way for IRGC's Shahid Siyavoshi ship in southeast of Farsi island at 23:00 on April 6, according to the data received from the Iranian ship black box.

The US warship, as said by the IRGC Navy, finally cleared the way after seeing the warnings issued by its own companion ships.

However, IRGC Navy continued to elaborate, the US warship in the early morning next day, once again blocked the way for the same Iranian ship 30 miles away from Iranian oil platforms with a dangerous maneuver.

The US warship ignored even warnings of its own companions, until the Iranian ship managed to continue its path with a smart, professional move, according to IRGC statement.

IRGC Navy added: "Therefore, the Navy of Islamic Revolution Guard Corps attempted to increase its patrolling capacity in the Persian Gulf in order to deter further illegal, unprofessional, dangerous and even adventurist behavior by the US terrorist Navy and also to bolster security of Iranian ships and fight against fuel smuggling."

"On April 15, [IRGC Navy] dispatched a group of 11 boats to the regions previously specified on the map for shooting exercise but they encountered US warships and aircraft carrier; However, [Iranian boats] despite unprofessional, provocative behavior by the US terrorist Navy and their ignoring of warnings, bravely managed to force the US ships to keep away from the path of Iranian boats," the statement added.

"As said repeatedly, it should be underlined that the illegal presence of the US terrorist regime is the source of evil and insecurity in the region and their exit from the West Asia is the only way forward to establish sustainable security in this region," the IRGC statement said.


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