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Iran go'vt issues statement on Ukrainian airline plane crash

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Jan 10, IRNA -- Iranian government in a statement on Thursday night blasted the US approach towards the plane crash near Tehran and said the psychological operations and the lies by the American government which is supported by their agents further aggravate the plight of the victims' families.

In the statement which was issued by the government spokesman Ali Rabiei, the government offered its condolences to the bereaved families of the victims who lost their lives when an Ukraine Airline place crashed near Tehran Thursday morning.

The statement elaborated on a number of issues as following:

1. Iran civil aviation organization has already set up a committee to examine the crash based on the standards introduced by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and is probing the issue with uttermost transparency, precision and speed with the help of experts from all involved countries from all technical and administrative perspectives and will offer full information about the results.

2. According to international standards, national civil aviation bodies of the country where the crash has happened (Iran), the country which has issued the flight license (Ukraine), the country which manufactured the aircraft (Boeing) and the factory which manufactured the engine of the crashed aircraft (France) could contribute in the investigation process. At the moment, Ukraine's representative is present in Iran. We also ask Boeing to dispatch its representative to Iran to contribute in examination procedure of the aircraft's black box.

3. We also welcome the presence of other countries whose nationals have lost their lives in the sad accident in the investigations.

4. According to the instructions by the Iranian President, the results of technical and expert investigations will be speedily offered to the public, especially the bereaved families of the victims of the incident, in a regular basis.

5. We believe that this is the best way to soothe all, especially the victims' families.

6. Certain media, in a clearly well-calculated psychological operation which is known to all embarked on scattering the news of a missile attack to the Ukrainian aircraft today, quoting an unknown "informed source" in Pentagon who has insisted on anonymity. In future, when such lies are proven to be as sheer enormous lies, then no one will come up to take the responsibility for it.

7. We recommend the US government to attend to the results of the investigations by the probe committee instead of scattering lies and engineering psychological warfare.

8. At the end, I express regret that the US administration's psychosocial operation being fortified by its supporters either knowingly or unknowingly, further aggravates the plights of the families of the tragic incident's families because they sacrifice these families for the sake of their own psychological warfare.

A plane belonging to the Ukrainian airline crashed near Tehran minutes after the take-off from Imam Khomeini Airport due to a fire in its engine. All the 167 passengers and nine crew members lost their lives in the crash.

According to the Managing Director of Tehran Governor's Office in charge of Crisis Management Mansour Darajati, 140 passengers were Iranians.

Representatives of the three countries of the US, Canadian and French are heading to Iran to attend the meetings of the Iran Civil Aviation Organization and Iran Air Accidents Commission in Tehran.


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