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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

President: Iranian great nation passes through sanctions powerfully

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Oct 2, IRNA -- President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that despite the worst sanctions imposed by US on Iranians, they have got more powerful with bright prospects.

Addressing the weekly meeting with the cabinet members, Rouhani said that the US imposed the worst economic pressures on Iran, prevented the international companies to work with Iran and sabotaged Iranian oil sales and banking ties and insurance activities.

He briefed on his visit to Armenia to attend Eurasia Economic Union Summit and also recalled his speech to the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, saying that despite all US pressures on Iranian people, they have got powerful.

Rouhani reiterated that the US anti-Iran lobby had provided a plot to say that Iran stirs up tension in the sensitive Persian Gulf.

"It was necessary for us to foil this plot and tell people around the world that those who have created these problems in the region are the same people who have been savagely bombarding the innocent people of Yemen," he said.

"What we felt during our short stay in New York was that the negative atmosphere against Iran changed, especially when we advocated peace and presented the initiative of Hormuz Peace Endeavour (HOPE) to the UN General Assembly," he added.

"They had manipulated the public opinion in a way as if everything is ready for a peaceful diplomacy and that Iran that stood up against."

"In my 70-hour visit to New York, we held 15 meetings with world leaders, and we could shatter the conspiracy that the enemies had planned against Iran," he said.

"Something important happened as well; the P5+1, which was dead by the anti-Iranians, Israel, regional reactionaries and the White House, diplomatic campaign took shape to salvage it."

"The P5+1 was based on an agreement and if they want to work within its framework, it would be better off. P4+1 convened in New York which could have been P5+1 meeting," he said.

"Of course, France had prepared a plan that could be acceptable, because it was basically based on the demand that Iran must not seek nuclear weapons, which we had already said it wasn't, requiring the US to lift all its sanctions."

"As I have said before as the Iranian nation's representative, I am ready for any kind of self-sacrifice that leads to protecting the Iranian nation's rights," he reiterated.

"These were the principles that the French had run by the Americans and then by us. What happened in New York, despite what others may think that was the settlement point, was far from settlement. Such an important matter cannot be settled within a few hours without considering all its aspects," he said.

"Of course, it was important for the Americans to make photo-ups and media hype out of it with the aim of changing the domestic conditions to their own benefit," Rouhani noted.

"Whenever the Iranian nation's rights and respect are observed, the path is clear," he said stressing the fact that the road is still open.

"If the Iranian nation hadn't resisted, nobody would have come to meet with us in New York. If our armed forces hadn't shot down the drone that violated Iran's airspace, we wouldn't have had the current position."

"We warned, gave some time and then we took action; in defence, the wait time is a matter of seconds, but in diplomacy, it can take two months. We give two months and then we take action. But, what we saw here was that everybody understood that the Iranian nation will not be defeated."

Rouhani continued by saying that we agreed to the general framework that Europe sought and insisted on, with modifications to those terms, adding, "We have always sought security in the region and never sought nuclear weapons. They must lift sanctions and allow Iran's commercial activities to happen freely."

The President emphasized that perhaps because some have made other inferences, I would like to thank the French President for making every effort within that 48-hour time, especially for 24 hours, to make it happen, saying, "We cooperated, but the party that obstructed it was the White House; Iran, Paris, Tokyo and the rest of the countries were not to blame."

Noting that the US was telling Europeans in a private message that it was ready, but later announcing in interviews that it was going to tighten sanctions, he stressed, "How can you believe that?"

"I think the road is clear, and the whole world has come to the conclusion that America's withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) was wrong, and the US will not succeed," the president noted.

"Everyone came to the conclusion that the JCPOA was the best deal of the time," he said.


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