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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

President Rouhani's plan offers low-cost shortcut to maintain global security

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Sept 23, IRNA -- President Hassan Rouhani is to unveil a new plan at the United Nations General Assembly themed " Hormuz Peace Initiative" aims at establishing durable peace and resolving security issues in the region through collective contribution with the neighboring states.

The Islamic Republic of Iran spares no efforts to maintain peace and international stability and security, but the US does the opposite as they try to close all dashes of hope through toughening useless sanctions.

Iran's practical initiatives can help survive Donald Trump and his regional allies from the existing quagmire they have made for themselves and have been trapped in.

In the first phase, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei last week said that the US government has the option to back to the table of negotiations within the JCPOA framework. This is regarded as a logical and practical solution to rescue Donald Trump from a dead-end which has been created by himself but all wait to see whether he can seize the opportunity or not.

The second initiative offered by President Rouhani themed "Hormuz Peace Initiative" which is regarded as a comprehensive and practical solution for quelling the existing crisis in the region, the plan is to extend the hands of friendship to the regional governments to help resolve security problems in the region.

These initiatives create a golden opportunity to successfully pass all deadlocks while they are also regarded as illuminating lamps shedding light on the dark aspects of politics in the region.

All solutions offered by President Trump and his allies in the region have backfired in a word, neither their very costly military campaigns nor the merciless and sabotage attacks of Saudis to Yemen and brutal mass killings of civilians including children and women will survive them.

The reason for their failures is very obvious as the world in the 21st century has been changed as the era of unilateralism is over and consequently, the rule of the play has been changed and the global economy seeks a way out of hegemony of the US dollar. For the same reason, it can be said that the ball is now in the court of Trump and his allies in the region which prepare grounds for passing this stage with the lowest possible costs.

Yemen's Ansarullah who heavily targeted Saudi oil installations provided the Saudi with another opportunity to halt the useless war at the earliest.

Yemenis who claimed responsibility for their attacks to Aramco, have issued a stern warning that in case Saudi continues to target civilians in Yemen, they will respond with more strengths and the time for putting the blames on others or killing the time is over.

Now there are new proposals and initiatives mainly under the current dangerous and unpredictable situation.

All analysts and regional leaders know that west of Asia and the Middle East cannot tolerate a new war as tensions are at their highest level and if these events would lead to a war, all will be losers and there will be no winner.

The Americans, who are now fanning the flames of war in the region, are not determined to put an end to existing crisis while suffering lack of decision making and to add insult to injury, the hawkish has the upper hands at the Oval Office.

In fact, the continuation of these crises will reveal the military weakness of superpowers and in case of waging a probable war, both their interests and a large number of their forces will be threatened.

Anyway, presently the ball is in the court of the US and its allies. Do they seize the opportunity to restore global security? This is a question; we can find its answer within the coming days.


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