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US should acknowledge failure of sanctions policy

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Sept 21, IRNA -- Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Saturday that the US should acknowledge failure of its sanctions policy and that it would not have needed to impose fresh sanctions if the former ones had worked.

Abbas Mousavi said in reaction to the new US sanctions that they are not something new. They are actually the same sanctions announced in a new way, he said.

Continuing Washington economic terrorism, against the people of Iran, the US Department of Treasury re-imposed sanctions on Central Bank of Iran.

"We have just sanctioned the Iranian national bank," US President Donald Trump said, adding that the new sanctions represent the "highest sanctions ever imposed on a country"

The spokesman of Iranian Foreign Ministry said that Iran has found its way since the first sanctions that were among the toughest of their kind, and continued the path of development with using domestic abilities and cooperating with the friendly countries, Mousavi said.

He said that the US foreign policy of the US is suffering from a convoluted and frustrated nature that is based on nothing except bullying, unilateralism, and economic terrorism on other countries.

Mousavi added that the US policy lacks any kind of rational innovation and dynamic flexibility for resolving problems with other countries.

The US statesmen should understand that they are no longer the sole superpower in the world and that there are several countries that are interested to use the Iranian market and the good economic chances in Iran.

They should accept that their sanctions policy has failed and their excessive use of dollar as a weapon has made the international community to question the US credibility. The era that the US was a creditable economic partner has already ended, he said.

Mousavi invited the entire international community to think of a new economic and trade system, in which the US hostile policy against economic development and free trade leave minimal effect.

He reiterated that Iranians are a free and peace-loving nation and are ready to interact with all the people and governments who treat Iran with respect and equal footing.

He added that by violating the nuclear deal commitments, Washington has both violated its international commitments and harmed itself by canceling multi-billion dollars of US companies' contracts with Iran, especially in aviation industry.

He said that Iran has kept the path of interaction open. Washington should bravely accept its mistake in violating the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and, like other countries, implement its commitments and cooperate with Iran in the context of the stipulations of the deal.

In 2015, Iran that had been under US sanctions for 40 years got rid of them through diplomacy and negotiations in the framework of the JCPOA endorsed by the UN Security Council Resolution 2231 requiring to lift the entire international sanctions against Iran.

In May 2018, US President Donald Trump pulled his country out of the JCPOA and re-imposed sanctions on Iran.

The US Department of Treasury has enforced plan to bring Iran oil sales to zero in total disregard of the United Nations Charter requiring sovereignty equality of the member states.


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