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Enemies of region must learn from Yemenis' alarming response: President Rouhani

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

Wed / 18 September 2019 / 13:28

Tehran (ISNA) - Describing wise regional states' resistance an ever-burning flame, President Hassan Rouhani said, "Instead of accusation, believe in the power of peoples who have risen".

Speaking on Wednesday in a cabinet session, President Hassan Rouhani said, "The enemies of the region must learn from the Yemenis' alarming response and put of the flames of war in the region".

He added, "Some regional countries are attempting to establish peace and security and fight unrest and terrorists, but we see conspiracies and warmongering in other part of the region".

Referring to the recent tripartite summit of Iran, Russia and Turkey, the President said, "The goal of these meetings and attempts being made within the framework of the Astana Process is peace and stability in the region, especially in Syria".

"It is strange that the enemies of the region have not yet understood the power of the regional nations' resistance," he continued.

Dr. Rouhani also went on to say, "Instead of admitting that Lebanon's Hezbollah has high capabilities and power both in scientific and military knowledge and bravery in the field, or that a part of brave young people of Iraq have liberated different cities across the country from the hands of terrorists, and instead of admitting to the growth and greatness of nations like Syria and Yemen, they are seeking to accuse others".

Addressing the enemies of the region, he said, "You need to believe in the power of nations. Your policy in the region has always been based on warmongering and you have brought insecurity to the region for the last 19 years, including in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and the Persian Gulf".

Referring to the killing of innocent Yemeni people and the bombing of hospitals, homes and schools in the country, the President said, "The enemies of the region want no nation to respond to their plots, while the Yemeni nation is a great nation, alert and awake".

Dr. Rouhani emphasised that the Islamic Republic of Iran has never favoured conflicts in the region and, saying, "The Yemeni nation was not the source of the conflict but it was Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the Americans, some European countries and the Zionist Regime that began the war and destroyed Yemen".

"The Yemenis did not target a school, hospital or market, but they attacked an industrial centre to warn their enemies," Dr. Rouhani said.

He continued, "The Islamic Republic of Iran, as with all its neighbours in the north, east and west, wants friendly and close relations with its southern neighbours as well".

Dr. Rouhani said, "Iran has never started to cut ties and disrupt relations, and if even those who have cut ties step forward, we would like to have good relations with all the nations of the region and with our neighbours".

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