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President says "impossible" to negotiate under "maximum pressure"

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Sept 18, IRNA -- Iran's President Hassan Rouhani said in remarks to the cabinet session on Wednesday that negotiation under maximum pressure is impossible and that if the US wants to talk with Iran, they must put an end to "Economic Terrorism".

Some regional countries are endeavoring to establish peace and security and fight unrest and terrorists, but we see conspiracies and warmongering in other part of the region, President Rouhani said.

Referring to the recent tripartite summit of Iran, Russia and Turkey, he said, "The goal of these meeting and the efforts being made within the framework of the Astana Process, is peace and stability in the region, especially in Syria."

He said that it is impossible to dissuade people who have been preparing themselves and have defended their country for years, he added that it is strange that the enemies of the region have not yet understood the power of resistance of the regional nations.

Rouhani said they are seeking to accuse others rather than admit that Lebanon's Hezbollah has high capabilities and power both in scientific and military knowledge and bravery in the field, or such a capability of the Iraqi brave young people, under the name of Popular Mobilization Forces, pushed out the (ISIS) terrorists and liberated the Iraqi cities, such as Mosul, Fallujah, and Kirkuk, and they refuse to admit to the growth and greatness of countries like Syria and Yemen.

Addressing the ill-wishers of the people of the region, Rouhani said, "You need to believe in the power of nations. And instead of pointing your fingers at the governments, you should know that there are no governments; it all the nations that have risen up."

Referring to the constant disproportionate attacks made on the people of Yemen, their schools, hospitals, and houses, he said that the enemies want to ignite wars everywhere in the region and the people not answer them.

Rouhani said that Iran has never and will never want any clash in the region; it was the Saudis, the UAE, Americans, and some Europeans the Zionists that launched the war and ruined Yemen.

How is it that when the people of Yemen are attacked, tons of weaponry is sent to the region? Why should no one talk even when the US presidents confessed to selling $400 billion of weaponry to the Saudis but when then the people of Yemen make a move and fires back, they all get annoyed and angry?, he asked.

Yemenis didn't hit schools, hospitals, or bazaars, they hit an industrial center to warn the Saudi invaders, he said.

Saying that the enemies of the region must learn from the Yemenis' alarming response and put out the flames of war in the region, President Rouhani said that the enemies' policies have been based on warmongering and they have made the regional countries, including Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf region, unsafe.

Addressing the enemies, he asked, "Why don't you for one time bring peace to the region? Why are you always sending gunpowder to the region and never send help? Why do you always accuse them while no one believes you?"

He said that Iran wants friendly and close relations with its southern neighbors as well as with all its neighbors in the north, east and west.

"Iran has never started to cut ties and disrupt relations. Iran wants those who went away from us to step forward to restore ties. Iran would like to have good relations with all the nations of the region and with our neighbors, he added.


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