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Commitment vis-à-vis commitment our logic in JCPOA: President Rouhani

ISNA - Iranian Students' News Agency

Wed / 11 September 2019 / 12:57

Tehran (ISNA) – Iranian President stressed, "Today, the main responsibility of all authorities and officials, including governmental and non-governmental officials, is to really stand alongside Imam Hussein (AS) and make efforts for solving people's problems".

Speaking on Wednesday in a cabinet session, President Hassan Rouhani said, "The enemy's strategy is to put maximum pressure on the Iranian nation, like what happened in Karbala, which is merely based on maximum pressure and more tyranny".

"America must understand that sticking to warmongers and war-mongering policies is no good and they must abandon warmongers and war-mongering policies and maximum pressure," he said.

The President also said, "Using peaceful nuclear technology is the Islamic Republic of Iran's policy, and our logic regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is commitment vis-à-vis commitment".

He added, "If they live up to their commitments, we will do the same, and if they violate their agreements, we will follow the same path".

"The third step in reducing our JCPOA commitments is considered the Islamic Republic of Iran's most important step, which is not comparable to the previous two steps, and we will take other steps in the future if necessary," said Rouhani.

Stating that today, Iran is considered a peace seeking and moderate country around the world, the President continued, "We have never started any act of aggression and sanctions, and never been the first one to violate a commitment; it was them who violated their commitments, and this is an important logic that we have".

The spirit of unity and solidarity needs to be strengthened in the country today, he said referring to the importance of the coming parliamentary election, saying, "Elections must bring about more unity in the country".

"There is nothing wrong with criticism, but the main route to victory and enjoying one's rights in its full potential is election," said Rouhani, adding that elections must not lead to division in the country, but more unity.

He said, "In conditions where enemies are doing whatever they can to put economic pressures on the Iranian nation, some hard-line, imprecise attitudes must not be allowed to rise in the society, because people have enough hardships".

Stating that the authorities must head people better in the current conditions, Dr. Rouhani added, "Without a doubt, we will disappoint the enemies through resistance and steadfastness against the enemies".

Despite the enemies' pressures, we have had positive signs in different fields, especially economy, he said, adding, "Today, all indices, especially the stock market, foreign currency and the hope in people for economic growth and the speed of production are very promising".

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